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What is meant by corporate finance?

Well, we all know that in any corporation, there are multiple departments and each and every department is made keeping in mind some objectives and motives, to be very specific for the smooth running of the company. Each and every department holds a lot of significance actually.

Finance and accounts department, definitely you must have heard,deals with all the work related to taking care of all the finance activities going on in that company.To elaborate more, we can say that recording, analyzing and effectively maintaining the financial transactions happening in a company.

Now, here the question arises that what does corporate finance means?

To define here “Corporate finance means that particular department of the company which actually takes care and manages the monetary and funding decisions.”

Corporate finance is usually involved with maximizing shareholder value by the way of long-term and short-term monetary planning and implementation of numerous strategies. Here, the main motive is to maximize the value of shareholders. A company’s finance activities range from capital funding decisions to investment banking.

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Let’s discuss about some areas of corporate finance

Well, offering shareholders maximum value for their money is the main concept behind corporate finance. This majorly requires management to thoroughly manage all the aspect of finance.

  1. Capital structure

Capital structure means the ability of an organization to pick out the proper resources for preliminary investment for the company. It is a very crucial step as proper combination of equity and debt leads to maximization of firm’s value.

  1. Investment and valuation

The project a corporation undertakes, it’s worth of it is measured using a DCF(Discounted cash flow), even though different techniques will also be used at times.This valuation actually determines if a project is worthwhile for the corporation in addition to for the investors.

  1. Dividend policy

The set of regulations that pertain to the payment of dividends to the shareholders.

  1. Working capital

Coping with the working capital is important for the smooth running of the operations of the corporation, therefore a good time and effort goes into this region.

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