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Before getting too confused with the different types of cost allocation, try to understand its meaning.

What is cost allocation?

The process of aggregating, identifying and assigning costs to cost objects is known as cost allocation. Some examples of cost objects are:

  • A research project
  • A product
  • A sales region
  • A customer
  • A department

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The main constituents of a cost allocation system are:

The main components of a cost allocation system comprises of:

  • A process to track the organizations which provides a service or a product
  • The organizations that uses the service or the product
  • The data of cost allocation of the company is able to develop an internal invoice.
  • In today’s world, the organizations are facing increasing pressure to control the cost of products.
  • It also enable the organization to manage the resources financially.

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Want to know about the methodology of cost allocation:

With this methodology, the business units tend to become quite accountable for the said consumed services. A very efficient cost allocation method will help a company to determine

  • The services being provided
  • The cost of these services
  • How to allocate cost to the business units
  • Different ways to manage the cost and how it can be recoverd.

According to this given model, both the consumers and also the one providing the service gets cautious of their own requirements of service and about their usage and the way they influence the costs incurred directly. This again improves the discipline of the business units and also the financial discipline is being is being improved across the whole organization.

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