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What is Coulomb’s law?

Coulomb’s law states that how electrostatic interaction takes place between the particles that are electrically charged. Coulomb’s law is the perfect one to describe the Theory of electromagnetism. Newton’s Law is completely suitable to derive a solution of Coulomb’s Law and it is helpful in derivation of Gauss’s Law and also use Vice Versa.

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What is the unit and what are the related terms?

The unit is newton per coulomb and the constant ke is ke = 8.9875517873681764×109 N m2 C−2. Where N expresses Newton for force and m is for meter and C is for coulomb.

What are the terms relates to coulomb’s law and coulomb’s constant?

These are —

  • Atomic unit
  • Electrostatic Unit

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What is the condition of validity?

The condition of validity is-

  • The charges must be point charges
  • The charges should be stationary in comparison to each other.

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