Do eassy Writing Has Lost Its Creativity?

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Thomson learning now known as Cengage learning and has developed and come a long way with latest features and updates to provide scholars ranging from K-12 standard. It has almost all the features and subjects required by scholars throughout the world. In field of accounts, answers to Cengage accounting homework is a remarkable tool for accounts and finance study.

A lot of other sites too have mushroomed and are quite popular among students and schools. Now there is no looking back for information and data hungry students and teachers who want to utilize whatever is available in the web world. As technology has almost taken over every aspect of human life be it medical, travel, hospitality, warfare and not to forget academics; technology is the indispensable ruler in all the spheres.

Are we tecnology reliant generation?

There is no denial that we cannot perform without it. In field of education, a scholar is helpless without internet. It is like taking a pen away from aeassy writer after assigning him to write an eassy on paper. From the mental planning and gathering information to writing and proofreading every phase will be deeply affected minus technology. A lot of sites offer in-depth study of subjects with detailed features which makes study foolproof and perfect. As mentioned earlier, like many other sites, answers to Cengage accounting homework has uploaded their files on YouTube which benefit from the audio-video aspect of it.

Scholars who find difficulty reading and browsing can take understand better through the audio visual medium. There are tutorials uploaded which explains how to take an assignment and homework to understand the concept better. Many schools and educational institutes throughout the world have accepted the online education to provide the best to the scholars as well as the instructors.

The scholars are though benefitted but dependency too is getting created.

Is this a foolproof method?

Not really, a number of downside has been cropped up in this education system as well.

  • Creativity is lost. Most students who are required to write an eassy for college admission engage online eassy writers by paying them. They are saved from writing and research work and merely do copy pasting job. This trend has lost creative writing among students and outsourcing has ruined the writing ability.
  • Lazy students find it hard to browse multiple sites and look for the required information. A significant amount of time is lost if one fails to hit the correct address. Specific information are not always provided on demand. Likewise if the traffic is not directed to the search, one fails to hit upon the accurate data needed.
  • If the device breakdown in middle of some important assignment a lot of time is wasted and information collected is lost.
  • Again in case of eassy writing, it is a kind of cheating which is done openly. One is assigned to cover the topic himself but due to availability on writers, people opt for outside help.
  • A lot of motivation is required to study alone. It is not easy task. For example if a student navigates himself to do some practice session and has hit upon answers to Cengage accounting for homework yet he needs to be motivated enough to continue his work.

These obstacles are quite common and steps are taken to overcome them. Like now universities try to give topics to students which are based more on personal experience rather opinion based. Some or mostly all sites are making the outlook more attractive with pictures and videos for students who have short attention span. They keep them hooked to the screen and thus tend to finish their work efficiently.

Like again in case of Cengage multiple small sets of reading material is arranged to make reading compulsive. Cengage accounting for homework too offer objective type questions which reduces the workload and pressure. The educators too are offered illustrations in simpler way to help them prepare for their lectures. The online education is working to make it as simpler and perfect as possible.

Be it researchers, scholars, scientists, eassy writers, or accounts students no one can continue without technology or online studies. But one cannot overlook the hindrances either. Most of it are getting overcome but still certain features will remain untouched where humans will surpass it. In case of scholars or young people who want to raise questions which can be answered personally online tutorials probably will never be able to provide an answer.

The concept of buying a sweet candy from a school canteen can make the concept of dollars to cents easier in a personal way than to numerous illustrations and videos.

The education system has developed a long way and there is no denial to the fact of the importance of technology in the field, yet the human approach has still hold its importance. But yes of course it has made life much easier for everyone

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