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What is accounting?

Accounting is recording of various transactions in a business. These transactions must be done in a systematic and in a comprehensive way.  Accounting indicates how to summarize, analyze and report all transactions. Reporting to regulators, oversight entities and entities to the tax collection is essential in a correct way. Booking system is important in each business. It becomes essential to have a bookkeeper in small business, and for a larger one there must be an accounting department with number of accountants with the responsibility of different sections of a company.

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What are the different subfields in accounting?

The prime work of an accountant is generating report over a particular period of time, and this checks financial transaction. Accounting has various subfields and these are —

  • Financial Accounting

This part of accounting concentrates on financial information of a company. This accounting section reports to external part or users as creditors and potential investors.

  • Management accounting

This part of accounting is important for the managers to collect data and information to take suitable decisions for achieving goals of a company. Budget preparations are done effectively on the basis of reports.

  • Information system

This part is helpful in various ways to data. Processing of different data is based on it. Many companies hire Intelligence to get a right process and also to ensure that the data and various records are protected.

  • Auditing

Auditing is nothing more than examining of accouting section. Audit means a proper way to collect reports and data to understand and evaluate a company’s proper flow along with ups and downs in transactions.

  • Tax Accounting

In this part of accounting the different reports related to taxation are done. So, tax related payments and also proper way of tax returns come in this sections. To do so, the person needs to investigate by analyzing and collecting proper data.

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What are the prime reports in accounting?

Though there are different reports, but the prime ones are —

  • Income statement

Earning of revenues is essential in this report that takes place for a particular time period. This clears profitability or any loss on that period.  This is less expenses to understand performance and ability of a company.

  • Balance statement

This is important to show liability, ending asset and balance equity for a proper time period or up to the date of balance sheet. Liquidity as well as financial reserve is judged by this.

  • Cash flows

Investments, financing and operations related to cash is done in this part of study. This is considered as one of the most appropriate way of generating report.

The reports indicate that what is the right position and future requirements to fulfill all goals. However, this is the responsibility of accountant to understand each data before taking proper decisions.

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What are the various problems that students face?

Students face various problems in creating report. Lack of knowledge and lack of practice can create difficulties for students. If you are in hurry and you have started preparing reports, then it will be somehow difficult to do in a proper way. So, you must have proper knowledge of terms and basic formulas. Debit and credit side must match according to the recording data. Analyzing reports are done effectively through double entry method for a larges business.

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