Do Not Let Assignments Waste Your Holiday! Know the Best Ways to Deal with It

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Taking up assignments during the holidays, and trying to finish them with all the boxes ticked, can be a great killjoy. However, life as a student is never easy. If you have a little choice but to take up an assignment and complete it on time, you have to know about the best ways to deal with the same. You cannot just let assignments make your holiday go waste. The following tips will allow you to deal better with your academic assignment and finish it as fast as possible.

Organize the list of assignments

You have to prepare a list of all your assignments, and find out how many you have to complete. You need to estimate the total time that you will need for the completion of every homework topic and first deal with the harder ones. This will make your task progressively easier as you proceed with the work.

If you are not feeling very motivated, choose an easier assignment or only an easier part of the harder one to get started. It will become easy to deal with. As you move along, you might feel more and more focused to finish the task. Your planning should include the following:

  • Time every assignment, which would allow you to work quicker.
  • Determine which part of the task you should focus on at a time. Set a timer and set short-term goals — such as for 5 — 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, you have to check whether you have accomplished the part of the task within that period.

Choose a proper place for study

Get all your supplies and bring them to a calm and tranquil workspace. Do not study in your bedroom, as you might get sleepy and easily de-motivated. Try to work at a desk or table. Even if you plan to study in the bedroom due to the serenity that it offers, make sure that everything is properly cleaned and arranged.

The workspace has to be well organized and clean, to inspire you to study and not end up losing your small supplies. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting and you have it all ready, from pens to notepads and calculators.

Request your friends and family members to provide you with some privacy. This will allow you to feel comfortable, and not lose focus on your studies. Get rid of all possible sources of distraction, such as your computer, cell phone or television. You should close the door, to let your family members understand that you will like to be disturbed while working.

Break down your assignments

When you have to create well-written assignments, you should follow these steps:

  • Choose a proper topic, that you would feel comfortable to write on and also get enough information about
  • Analyze the topic, to know about the primary and the supporting issues
  • Look for information from varied resources, such as the internet, e-journal database, e-book database and OPAC
  • Evaluate and choose topics that come with enough information and supportive resources
  • Make notes from all possible resources
  • Plan a proper outline, consisting of a proper Introduction, Content Body, Conclusion, associated information such as footnotes and appendices and various reference sources
  • Organize the information and consolidate, and write notes for every section — such as introduction, content body, conclusion and accompanying information
  • Provide an introduction
  • Write the main body
  • Write down the conclusion

You should write down the paper in clear and simple language. Check whether there is a smooth flow of arguments and ideas. Use creative thinking and offer supportive information in the form of references and appendices.

Use motivational pointers

  • Use desktop or smartphone timers to keep reminding you of the amount of time or number of days left for the submission. It is better that you set the submission time 2 days ahead. This will ensure that you are left with some time to make the final revisions.
  • You can also consider studying in a group. Choose dedicated and focused peers to study with, so that you never get de-motivated and end up losing focus. Other than getting motivation, you can also get help with the studies. You can get other friends to pitch in with their tips and suggestions and make your assignment better. You can help each other finish your work ahead of time, and not waste your holiday in solitary confinement. You will look back with pleasure at the time well spent.
  • Keeping the deadline in mind will allow you to feel motivated, even if by compulsion. Irrespective of how well put your assignment is, it will be cancelled if you do not manage your time properly and do not present it prior todeadline. You need to allow enough time in order to complete your own Procrastinating will only put you in peril, and you will be unable to produce a nice assignment.
  • Also, take short breaks in between various tasks, so that you do not feel burnt out with your studies. However, you should not take very long breaks. Go out or have a small chat with a family member or go to the terrace for a short while, and come back to finish your task.

Get assistance

Do not be hesitant to ask for assistance from a class tutor or a peer who is better at studies. You may also get help from your parents or a cousin if they have good knowledge in the subject area that you are handling.

If you are at a loss on who to ask to for help, you can try online tutorial services. These services hire expert tutors who have specialized knowledge of the subject and can provide you with assistance regarding your assignment.

Other than providing you with good reference sources and doing some crucial research on your behalf, they can also proofread your prepared assignment and find out whether it is okay for submission. Online academic tutors can be very efficient at helping you finish assignments fast, and get good grades for the same.

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