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“Have you completed your essay, Emily?” Emily is about to sleep at midnight when Martha, her school friend, called her.

“Yes, Martha. What about yours?”

“I have completed 90% of my essay.”

“So, what is your emergency for calling me so late?”

“It is just the conclusion that I haven’t written yet. Can you help me?”

“What?” Emily is astounded to hear from Martha. “Tomorrow is essay submission deadline and you are saying that you didn’t write the conclusion? It is one of the most important parts.”

Do you know why Emily is worried for Martha; Because Emily knows the importance of a conclusion in essay writing. And Martha doesn’t know how to write a conclusion for an essay. Good conclusions will higher the notch of your essay quality. Ignoring the end might throw your whole idea into a dustbin.

Are you done with your essay writing? If you think that creating an attractive introduction and body paragraph is enough then wait. You should not forget the conclusion section of the essay, like Martha. Though it is your finish line at the end you have run fast. The perfection of your essay lies till the last word of your essay. I’m sure you don’t want to end up like Martha asking for help. You must know how to write a conclusion for an essay.

A simple definition and idea of a conclusion in an essay:

Before constructing a conclusion you should know what function a conclusion holds for improvement of an essay. A conclusion is a section where you bring down the attention of the reader into your main topic. It simply means an end of a thesis or an essay. After reading your paper reader should get their way back home.

Don’t think that a conclusion is just a summary of your essay, it far more than that.Suppose you are watching a movie if that movie doesn’t have an attractive ending then that will get a low review. Like this, if your thesis or essay doesn’t have a good conclusion then it will put you in a risk. I’ll help you how to write a conclusion for an essay.

The process of constructing a good conclusion:

If you are a beginner then this will take time to generate a perfect essay. Summary of your essay is not the solution dear. Follow the instruction of how to write a conclusion for an essay below;

  • Start your conclusion with the main idea of your topic.
  • Try to focus on the main points on each body paragraph.
  • Simply summary of your essay is not applicable here.
  • You have to bring the gist of body paragraphs into some lines.
  • Don’t include new thoughts in your conclusion instead make another paragraph in the body section.
  • Don’t get lost from the main context of your essay.
  • Track your audience to the possibility of your essay topic.
  • Construct a good closing sentence where readers can actually realize the importance of the topic.
  • Put a valuable closer to your reader.
  • Try to ask a question in the conclusion section. Let readers think about the topic with other perspectives.
  • Don’t lose the positive attitude in your writing. Positivity in your conclusion boosts the quality.

These tips of how to write a conclusion for an essay will surely guide you to create a masterpiece. Your effort on essay will show how you write the conclusion of the essay. So don’t get distracted or ignore the conclusion.

Difficulties that faces the students:

The most common problem that is faced is avoiding the conclusion. Students don’t understand the importance of the conclusion in an essay. They simply summarize the text from their essay rather you should excerpt from the essay and rewrite it. These are a simple list of student’s mistakes that they generally do;

  • They mainly focus on the introduction and body paragraph and forget about finish lines.
  • Students don’t get much time to think about the conclusion as they already spend maximum time on the other two parts.
  • Don’t have proper knowledge of how to write a conclusion for an essay. So what do students commonly do? They summarize the whole essay in the conclusion.
  • Forget to ask the question in the conclusion that will make the reader concentrate on the topic of the essay.

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Your journey to create perfect essay will not stop until you reach the destination by creating a well-organized conclusion. The conclusion is a wrap-up context of your entire thesis. If your conclusion could not able to reach to the audience then you are in trouble. You don’t need to worry about how to write a conclusion for an essay because this blog will help you.

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