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DOS Batch Language Shares Some Features with Shell Scripting

DOS Batch language is a command file that would instruct a computer to undertake functions, and these functions are known as command functions. The command functions from Dos works well with Windows platforms while Linux platforms use shell command functions like C shell.

Batch language of modern areas has made sure that programs are interactive. In earlier times computer was feed with jobs that have given on cards. That meant that a job had to be finished and then another job started. Some jobs were in the queue.

Batch language would help in repetitive jobs and would ensure that there is a division of jobs and that would mean jobs are finished on time. The input time of modern batch language like DOS is less, and there is more quickness in getting a job done.

Batch language vs. shell scripting

The batch language would follow a sequential style of input. These inputs will be done in a batch file while in shell scripting inputs are done using a shell script. DOS Batch language homework help would cover how input is done.

Both batch and the shell have ability read from an input, and there are control structures available like as for, if while switching.

There is support for functions and arrays, and regular expressions are supported well. There is support for other programming languages like Perl, AWK and SED.

The richness of tools and commands has a strong side in shell scripting when compared with batch language. The vendor that Dos batch language supports is Windows while shell supports many other vendors.

The batch files should always end with a .bat extension, and though there is no concept of file extension in shell scripting, there should be permission to executable.

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