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Generally speaking, Physics is one of the toughest subjects to study. However, it can also be one of the most interesting ones if done properly. One of the most important concepts in Physics is that of Force and motion. If you have any problems with this topic and want to improve upon it, do pay our site a visit. We will do everything in our power to help you become better!

Our website is dedicated to learning physics at its deepest core. For those who seek in-depth concepts about their subject of study, ours is the place to be.With our Dynamics Force homework help services, you can achieve all of the academic glory that you have ever dreamt of. But that’s not all. Your foundations will also become rock solid at the same time as well.

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The Different Types

In order to learn more about how Force works, you will first learn about its different types. As we mentioned before, the only way to get better is to understand the core of the subject well. And that is exactly what we will do at Dynamics Force assignment help.

In general, there are 5 main divisions of force that we encounter in everyday life. Here they are:


Weight is nothing but the pull of the earth towards the centre. It is also known as gravitational force or simply, the force of gravity. Anything that has mass will experience the force of gravity acting upon it. It is pretty intuitive that a body with higher mass will experience a greater gravitational pull compared to a body with low mass. [Mathematically, Force = Mass x Acceleration, So Force of gravity = Mass x Acceleration due to gravity]

Contact Forces

When two bodies come into contact, they exert a certain force on each other. These forces are termed as contact forces. Since they can be in any direction, it is best to break these forces into their parallel and perpendicular counterparts. The vector sum of these components is equal to the original force.

Frictional Forces

Another important part of this discussion according to most Dynamics Force homework help services is that of friction. The component of the force which is parallel to the surface of contact is known as frictional force. It acts in a direction opposite to that of the body. By opposite, we mean in relation to the direction in which the body is moving towards.


If an object is suspended in mid-air with the help of a string, there is a force acting opposite to the force of gravity which “pulls” the body towards the surface to which it is attached. This is also the same reason why it is very difficult to push a body with a string attached to it, with the help of the string itself.

Spring Force

This is the last major kind of force that you will be learning with the help of our Dynamics Force homework help. This is the force which is exerted on a body due to the deformation of a spring (which is attached to the body). The force generated by the deformation is known as spring force. [Mathematically, it is equal to Spring Constant(k) x Displacement of the body]

The Problems Involved

Now, it may seem simple enough but there are a lot of things to cover when it comes to discussing the topic of Force. Here at Dynamics Force assignment help, you have learned about the different types of forces that exist. But when it comes to solving problems, that knowledge on its own is not enough. Students face issues in a myriad of different areas.

  • Visualizing physics problems can be difficult and is something you do better with more practice.
  • Our Dynamics Force homework help also deals with students who suffer from understanding ability.
  • Many students have a problem with diagram related problems and questions.
  • Problems which use variables instead of numerical are also troublesome for some students.
  • Concept based objective questions are also something we look into deeply.

What You Will Get from Us

When it comes to Dynamics Force assignment help, you can gain a lot by taking our help. The first thing that you will realize is that your base is completely clear no matter what the topic. There are plenty of concepts to grasp before you can truly say that you understand something. If that is what you want, you will definitely find it here.

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