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For the last few decades, internet has been playing an in creasing cxrucial role in the academic lives of students. Not only can they access information and knowledge about practically everything but now, they can also complete assignments and homework without having to do a thing by themselves. As you might already be aware, there are several websites that complete assignments and homework for students. With the choices available, you might be wondering why I should pick universityhomeworkhelp.com do my E-Business and E-Commerce homework.

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So let us give you the reasons: the experts who work with us are all highly erudite scholars. They hold either a Masters degree or a PhD in their particular field of knowledge. In addition, they possess years of professional expertise. We have a record of successfully helping thousands of students from all over the world. Our world class service guarantees your academic success.

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We offer E-Business and E-Commerce assignment help to college and university students by helping them complete their dissertations, papers, and projects. In addtion, we also help PhD scolars in writing their thesis or in researching for their project. No matter the kind of E-Business and E-Commerce homework help you need, we have got you covered.

Introduction to e-business and e-commerce homework solution:

IBM’s Marketing and Internet team coined the term ‘e-business’ in 1996. E-business or E-commerce refers to online economic transactions, that is, purchasing and selling of services and goods via internet. Here, one has to imagine the internet as the market and various websites as the shops. The webpages display and sell products or services, and the consumers buy them. The monetary transaction is also carried out online through internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, or some other method.

The products that are bought might be tangible like clothes, electronics, grocery, or they might be intangible like a health insurance. One might also book a service like pest control or food delivery online, or seek homework help and pay for it the same way. All these transactions fall under the category of e-commerce and e-business.

Our team of experts can help you with any e-business and e-commerce assignment solution you might be in need of. With our help, we can guarantee you will land the best grades and impress your professors. Also, it goes without saying that the assignment shall be completed on time.

Types of E-business and E-commerce models:

There are basically four types of e-business models and our experts can help with E-business and E-commerce homework covering all of that. The models are:

  1. Business to Business:

In a business to business arrangement one business sells products or services to another; the product might be something like software and the trasactions involve huge amounts of money.

  1. Business to Consumer:

This is where the business interacts directly with the consumer. Amazon can be seen as a common example. Here any common indivisdual can visit the website (or the app) that is selling the product or service and order what they need. If it is a product, it is delivered to the address specified by the consumer within the stipulated period of time.

  1. Consumer to consumer:

Here ordinary people as opposed to businesses can sell certain products and reach out to potential consumers. Ebay serves as an effective example. If you wish to sell a piece of furniture, you can post as ad on the website and consumers can reach you through the same website.

  1. Consumer to business:

Here the consumer is the one to draw the attention of business organisations. The examples of the consumer or rather the individual can be a freelance photgrapher or writer selling their services or works to Businesses.

No matter how complicated you think your assignment is, our E-Business and E-Commerce homework solver can take care of it for you.

How to subscribe for our E-Business and E-Commerce homework help:

The process is quite simple. You can reach our homepage and fill up the query boxes to let us know about your assignment. Our team is very responsive and we shall get back to you for more details via email. We shall give you a price quote for the project and once the payment is done, we shall assign the work to an expert. The work would be delivered to you before the mentioned the deadline.

For the convenience of our clients, we have made the whole process online. You can hire our E-Business and E-Commerce assignment solver sitting at home. The payments are received online via cards or internet banking. Interestingly, the whole transaction you have with us is an example of business to consumer e-commerce.

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