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The study of resource allocation, distribution and consumption of capital and investment, and of management of the factors of production. Or it is a social science that that deals with the factors of production, distribution as well as consumption of goods and services.

Economics factories on the behavior of economic agents as well as their interactions and how economies work and with this general knowledge, help with economics assignment can be gotten. Economics is often grouped into two major categories, which are macroeconomics and microeconomics.

This shows how an individual unit, forming market structures, creates a market system interacting with a market. These individual unit or units includes private and public entities with various classifications, operating under trade able units and regulations of the government. Items traded may be products like fruits or services like repair services, entertainment or legal counsel.

Microeconomics is involved with the study of individual markets, by assuming that the activities in the market being analyzed doesn’t affect other markets-this analytical method is known as partial equilibrium analysis also known as demand and supply analysis. In microeconomics, the conversion of inputs into output is termed production, an economic process which inputs to create a service or commodity for exchange or direct use.

Production is a flow, rate of output in a given period of time. Distinctions of this production includes product alternative for consumption vs investment goods, public goods or private goods.

Economic efficiency describes how efficient a system can generate a desired output with a given input, as well as available technology. Efficiency is improved with the generation of more output.

Specialization in terms of division of labor is a key to economic efficiency based on empirical and theoretical considerations. The general theory in specialization applies to trading among individuals, manufacturers, farms, economics and service providers. Among these production systems are corresponding divisions of labor with varying work groups specializing.

The most observable qualities of goods available and goods on demand in the marje6are the prices and quantities. The theory concerning supply and demand organizes the principle for how price is able to coordinate the amount of goods produced and amount of goods consumed.

Some people do not usually trade directly on markets, instead on the side of supply, they may work through firms and produce through firms. The most commonly known kinds of firms are the corporations, trust and partnerships. People begin organizing their products in firms because the cost of doing business in firms is lower than the cost of doing business in the markets.

Economics of management applies microeconomic analysis in specific decisions to firms or other managerial units. In economics, uncertainty is said to be an unknown prospect concerning loss or gain, if quantifiable as a risk or not, while game theory is a division of applied math that considers the strategic interactions between agents, it is a kind of uncertainty, it provides mathematical foundation with industrial organization, to model various types of firm reasoning.

Market failure covers various problems which may underestimate standard economic assumptions. Incomplete markets arise as a result of economic inefficiency but there is also a possibility of increasing efficiency through legal and regulatory remedies. Public goods are undersupplied in the typical market. The features are people being able to consume public goods without paying for them and the goods can be consumed by more than one person at a time.

Macroeconomics examines the whole economy to explain broad elements and their interactions, such aggregates may include the national inputs and outputs, unemployment rate and price inflation.

Economic growth is the increase in output per caput of a country over a long period of time. Money is a payment used for exchange with goods, having general acceptability, value, durability, portability, divisibility and elasticity in supply and as a medium of exchange, money encourages trade.

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