Fields to Explore While Taking Up Accounting as a Career Option

Accounting as a Career Option
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Whatever career path an individual opts to follow, needs a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication to achieve. When it comes to accountancy, there are no shortcuts either.

One has to invest a lot of time and commit them to attend regular classes which will be effective for them to clear their doubts and broaden their outlook on this subject. The choice of career paths of individuals varies.

Some are interested in the monetary scales of high pays in the end, while others are busy pursuing their ambition and might have developed a fond of satisfaction.

When one commits themselves to accounting, a common question that many students come across is the longevity and stability of the field of study. How bright the future perspectives of the subject are is really a great matter of concern.

When it comes to accounting, the field is fairly steady. As of 2026 the expectancy of job growth is about 10%. At this rate, the other occupations on the national scale are likely to be outpaced slightly. Thus, the future holds a lot of optimistic promises for the budding accountancy students.

The expected steady growth rate is because of the increasing globalization, the growth of economy, a fairly complex taxation policy and successive regulatory environments help in creating a lot of demands when it comes to accountants. Unless anything catastrophic pops up on a global scale, the positive truism will continue to sky rocket when it comes to accountants.

Many of the young minds are unaware of the future plans when they first take up accountancy as a subject in their high schools. But as one starts to grow interest for this subject, they are advised to conduct research about the several ongoing schemes and openings of job opportunities which would help them in the long run.

Feel free to explore the world of numerous possibilities and save your time to scroll through on the internet. Accountants can always consider the path of Management which offers the students with several options when they decide to change the fields.

While there are some jobs for students with certificates and Associate’s degree, but most of the jobs require a proper Bachelor’s degree before the student hopes to apply for it. A bachelor’s degree typically takes about four years to complete. Having an associate in general can help one to complete their bachelor course faster. It is also possible for the students to boost their resumes by creating a strong connection with the seniors and grasping the opportunities for applying for internships.

 It’s always important for the students to gain practical knowledge in their respective fields and doing so by creating a good network will help the students throughout their education career and help in doubling down the time that they have had expected to spend on education.

A degree in accounting helps to steady the ship when it comes to searching for new jobs in the respective field. A student is required to acquire a degree in the first place followed by some rigorous training courses in order to score a proper certificate for being in contention for getting jobs in the future.

With the help of a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, a quantum of job opportunities can be unlocked if the student decides to utilize his merit in a proper way. The multitude of diversity is huge thus students must make a useful evaluation of all the proceedings required to have a successful career in accountancy.

In the beginning, the jobs may not be a lot eye catchy but with experience, one is bound to land a fortune. To begin with, students can begin their career as a clerk or a mere book keeper with the help of their 2 years associate’s degree or with a 1-year certification for diploma courses.

Some of these lower level degree’s help to diversify the knowledge of the students in their respective fields. A degree in book keeping helps the students out with the basic requirements and presentable factors which are a must when it comes to arranging the books on a professional level.

On the other hand, 1-year diploma courses offer the students some of the basic courses in accounting leaving aside the general educations which might be required for them to switch to the bachelor’s course. When it comes to attending a 2-years associates’ course, it offers the students all the general guidelines and with proper education which will help them to take up accounting in the future and also sign up for the bachelor degrees in their high schools.

It’s advisable for the students to begin their career in accounting with these entries level jobs which would help them to have a better understanding about their subject on a professional front and also develop interest on the key fields which they hope to pursue in the future.

This will help the students to choose a bachelor’s degree which would be perfectly suited for their interests when they go back to high schools and colleges for higher education. Another good reason of opting for entry level jobs can be supporting your family by paying your won rents instead of having to depend on parent’s input. This will help- the individual to become a responsible individual from a very young age which will definitely help them in the long run.

If it so happens that the management team of the company happens to spot a spark within you or if they are able to see your integrity, dedication and hard work that you have been putting for the company, then you might be fortunate enough to find them being your financial backbone when it comes to supporting your higher educations. A better educated employee is always best for business.

Nowadays one cannot simply aim at being an accountant without getting a specialization. Securing a bachelor’s degree is a must but students must also sit for CPA exams which will, make them eligible for opting for high pay accounting jobs. In order to differentiate you amongst the rest, several colleges have come up with fragmented specialization courses on accountancy which will help students to apply on their respective field of interest.

Some of the best institution across the country offers an array of specialization courses which includes the likes of interdisciplinary specializations such as actuarial science, accounting IT and forensic science. A double majors degree combined with a host of other minor degrees will also help out the students to add value to their resume when it comes to applying for a job.

Whether an individual is opting for a 4-year bachelor’s course a fresh after returning from entry level jobs or be it a young ambitious fresher, there are lots of career opportunities in accounting waiting for both parties at the end of their bachelor’s degree. Some of them have been discussed below:

Forensic accountant jobs:

With the advent of e-transaction and almost every banking and financial trading switching online, the potential for embezzlement, scams, fraud and identity theft are higher than any time before. These potential risks have made the old-fashioned kiting checks look like school boy stuffs.

This is why the field of forensic accounting is most demanding than ever before. The tasks of the forensic accountants are diverse, starting from production of audits for a company, non-profit records for determination of liability both on an individual and government scale as well evaluation of frauds.

Forensic accountants get hold of people who falsifies bookkeeping tasks and also provide the necessary evidences required for several court cases. All the calculations required for the insurance of the companies in order to determine the amounts of loans and estate tax evaluations are also conducted by these individuals. With the increasing demand of forensic accountancy experts, many schools and colleges are adding this course as an option for the students to peruse.

Most of these courses are also available online starting from national as well as regional accredited universities. Even though a bachelor’s degree is not a necessary requirement for opting for these jobs, students must have a CPA license and also have another one from the Certified Fraud Examiners. The pay scale for mid-career employees ranges in between $70,000-$80,000.

Financial Analysts jobs:

Accounting graduates with strong inclinations towards the stock market can end up becoming enterprising financial analysts. This position demands the accountants to helm the responsibility of determining the risks and evaluating the future benefits of making major investments. It includes both buying as well as selling of capital investments.

Other duties include examining the profit and loss of stocks, estates management, mutual funds and various other investment policies. The tasks of financial analysts also involve preparation of reports and making recommendations with the data analyzed. Financial analyst’s median salary ranges from $55,000-$70,000.

Environmental Accountant:

Students who have secured some major degrees in Accountancy can also use their passion towards environment and become environmental accountant. Their tasks mainly range from finding all the major impacts on the environment due to the impact from the company’s decisions. They help developing reports and undertake major roles in the various projects of business groups ranging from construction on a national as well as on an international scale.

The fiscal impacts as well as the cost of performance benefits are well analyzed by these individuals. The impacts of climate change and other environmental regulations impacts the cost massively on the environmental front in various fields. There are more demands for accountancy experts who are able to view the big picture due to their years of practice well before common minds can linger in those thoughts.

Therefore, they can bring the company out of a possible financial drawback and infuse new life to the organization. Median salary of such individuals ranges from $60,000-$70,000.

Personal financial Advisors:

The role of these individuals is to plan for smart investment schemes for the prosperity of one’s future generation. They help people out with best decisive schemes which they can invest on thereby they provide the financial outlook and necessary steps required for the family to achieve their long-term goals.

They also help in setting up the retirement plans, making up for the education funds, and deal with divorces as well as child birth. They are the best when it comes to accessing the financial condition of a family and setting guidelines for them in order to not waste their limited capital. A bachelor’s degree is a must in order to peruse a career as financial advisor. Pay Scale for personal financial advisor’s ranges from $60,000-$70,000.


Actuaries in the past well hired by the insurance companies in order to calculate all the potential risks as well as rewards for numerous policies. But now their scope is no longer limited, because these individuals are being hired for a lot of different roles ranging from homeland security investment, public health as well as for formulating government policies.

Skill sets of these individuals involve a strong statistic and mathematics root which helps them to calculate and analyze large data sets. Pay scale of these individuals ranges from $60,000-$65,000.

Anti-Money Laundering officer:

The role of these officers is quite vital when it comes to the security of the country. They help to figure out the possible loose ends which might lead to money laundering and funding the terrorists on an international scale. They help the companies to figure out he possible roots and significant signs of money laundering.

Individuals who hope to take up this rout are required to complete a bachelor’s degree along with a specialized course in forensic accountancy or finances. AML officers have a Pay Scale of around $65,000.

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She has almost six years of working and teaching experience. At present, she is also in working terms with university homework help which specializes in helping out students in their assignments in the field of accounting.