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Interested in writing a good persuasive essay but lack information about the best persuasive essay topics for college? If you look up Google, you will not find a shortage of such topics to write about. But not all of them are the hottest in the market. Not all of them will do well with readers. It is of course different, if you have been assigned a fixed topic by someone else to begin with.

There is no need to fret however. You have plenty of options in terms of methodologies for finding a good topic to write about. All you need are the know-hows and the small tips involved in the business. And that is exactly what you will find here. Generally speaking, there are some tips that you can follow in order to filter out the average topics from the juicy ones.

How to Find the Best Topics?

As mentioned before, there is no lack for the number of topics available on the internet. All it takes is a bit of searching and you are good to go. Regardless, here are some of the things that you may want to keep in mind when hunting for the next big thing in persuasive essay topics for college.

  • Avoiding Common Mistakes:

There are plenty of common mistakes that a person usually makes when trying to choose a topic for an essay. Overthinking for instance, is one of the most seen ones. Thinking about whether a topic is appropriate or not, politically correct or not, whether your mentor will approve of it or not are all things that you need to dump away. Mental freedom is key if you want your essay to make an impact.

  • Your Passion:

It is also important that you write about something that you are genuinely passionate about. When you do that, the flair for writing comes automatically. Because then, you are not actively thinking about what the best persuasive essay topics for college are anymore. You simply want to do justice to the topic that you want to write about. This may seem small but it can make a huge difference in your mentality.

  • Discussions with peers:

Yet another underrated aspect of human society in general these days, discussing your ideas with your peers can prove to be an extremely effective method for finding something you want to write about. Brainstorming in a group helps you see things from a different light and on most occasions, that is exactly what you need in order to be finding some inspiration.

  • Current Affairs:

An effective strategy in finding good persuasive essay topics for college is to take up problems that are trending currently in the world. The advantage of this is that you do not have to list out too much background info since most people already know about it. As such, you can focus exclusively on the things you want to highlight instead of beating about the bush. After all, that is what a persuasive essay is all about right?

  • List Down Ideas:

While the flair of writing is definitely infectious in nature, it is by no means something to take for granted. There may be times when you simply cannot get in the ‘zone’. These are testing times and in order to deal with it efficiently, you should jot down all of the ideas that you think of. This is a good idea in general and will help you out to no ends in every circumstance. Just carry a small notepad around with you and note things down immediately.

List of Some Good Essay Topics

As far as efficient persuasive essay topics for college are concerned, you are probably better off writing about something new and trendy. Regardless, here are some of the topics that you may find yourself for yourself:

  1. Costs of modern technology too high?

A topic that is always argued about in talk shows and debates, there is no doubt about the amount of money being invested on a regular basis towards the improvement of technology. From the phone that you use to the vacuum cleaner in your house, everything is improving day by day. The question here is, whose side you take and how do you go about justifying it? Should be an interesting read for anyone.

  1. Academic grades gradually losing importance?

Another one of the well-known persuasive essay topics for college is unsurprisingly in regards to education. The pressure on academics has been increasing for quite some time now. But are the results worth all of this punishment? As a student yourself, what do you feel about the current state of schools and colleges and the curriculum they provide? There should be no lack of material to write about here.

  1. Military service be made a compulsory service?

This statement on its own sounds ridiculous right? Well, that is what makes it interesting at the same time as well. If you know your stuff well enough, you can pull out some statistics to support whichever side of the coin you want to be in. There are plenty of countries even in today’s world where this is a thing. Is it necessarily a bad thing? Or perhaps it is worse than we can imagine?

  1. More investment in space exploration?

Last but not the least, why not talk about the scope of your universe in general and everything that lies within it? Is humanity truly all that this vast space has to offer? If not, why isn’t the exploration of potential life forms being funded proactively? Yes, running a country is important but so is science! The scope of this subject alone is what makes it one of the best persuasive essay topics for college.

Generally speaking, these are some ideas that you can use for yourself to get started. There is plenty of fish in the sea. All it takes is a good fisherman! In time, with the right experience, you too will undoubtedly be able to catch the biggest one of them all. So hopefully, in the meantime, you put your hours into this field, because it does take some practice to get good at.

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