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Majority students, irrespective of their academic level, detest the idea of spending time doing arduous assignments and writing essays. More so because most of the times they are unable to find informative manuals to help them in their tasks. For instance, students often lack the sense of formatting in essays and dissertations and as a result, lose out on marks allotted for them.

English essays must be crisp in content as well as grammar. There is no excuse for submitting an essay with unchecked grammar or improper sentence construction. To avoid making these most obvious mistakes, students must research on their argumentative essay topics for high school or college for jumping into writing them without prior preparations.

Honestly, I had a tough time doing my essays, especially ones belonging to the argumentative category. This was simply because I clearly had no clue about how to design them, what kind of material to be used and so on. But later I resorted to assistance from teachers and learned about the pre-requisites to write an argumentative essay. This, undoubtedly, helped me a lot.

With extensive essay writing and preparing dissertations, I understood how effective argumentative essay topics for high school are to express my views about them. These are often assigned to students in high school and to college goers who pursue English. This blog is an attempt to put forward as many innovative and comprehensible argumentative essay topics for high school as possible, just for you!

A basic outline of Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are one of the primary and most-used media of penning one’s own opinion. An opportunity of writing an argumentative essay opens a lot of doors to learn new things. Various argumentative essay topics for high school develop an important attribute of persuasion amongst the writers and also the readers. Students, at various levels of their academic life, are needed to cover this very important portion of English creative writing.

Amongst the various categories of essay-writing, the argumentative essay is a practical approach to put forward your own take on a particular event. Everyone has a different idea on the diverse social, economic, and cultural issues taking place around us. Voicing those ideas, in the form of an essay is the main motive behind learning how to write an argumentative essay.

There are four major factors one must make sure of before beginning to write on argumentative essay topics for high school. They are-

  1. The nature of the topic. Whether it is a hoax or the truth that must be determined.
  2. The relevance of the topic
  3. To understand what caused it
  4. Suggesting the ways of making amends

Learning how to write an argumentative essay is a great way to start your journey to prove your point, especially for hugely opinionated people like you and me. Writing an argument essay needs the writer to offer convincing reasons to support his or her argument. Without the presence of compelling facts, the attempt to prove a point will remain futile.

As an advantage, argumentative essay topics for high school provoke the skill of critical thinking amongst the budding talents. Realistic topics for the essay help to develop an idea of the real-world problems. It compels the students to think and offer their take on how to fix them.

Thought-provoking argumentative essay topics

Topics for argumentative essays can be diverse. They range from topics that are on the more casual side of the spectrum like wearing school uniforms should not be compulsory. They might also be about vital and sensitive issues like the establishment of the death penalty in different parts of the world.

The most significant motive behind writing an argumentative essay is to convince the readers that why your point is correct and the rest is not. Imbibing the skills for influencing and swaying the audience in your side is the first step towards writing a believable argumentative essay.

Constructing an argumentative essay is not rocket science only if he or she knows how to do it and is rightly guided. Students learn how to present their take on topics with the help of logical thinking and a compelling voice to support the argument.

Argumentative essay topics range from social issues, political debates, technological processes, economical movements etc. Here are some of the argumentative essay topics for high school that will compel the students to work their critical thinking.

Classical Argumentative Essay topics

  • Globalization and its pros and cons
  • Are electric vehicles a remedy to global pollution?
  • Can students be resourceful and spreading awareness about nature’s safety?
  • Should the rain forest destructions be considered a punishable offense?
  • What nature of social activities must be penalized?
  • Technology- a curse or a blessing?
  • Causative agents of the alarming climate change rate and its preventive measures

Argumentative Essay topics on Technology and social media

  • Pros and cons of using cell phones
  • Are the social media platforms doing enough for maintaining the privacy of the users?
  • Are the increasing dependencies on electrical gadgets like computers, tablets, and mobile phones harmful?
  • How is technology affecting creativity?
  • Is the extensive use of social media the reason behind the increase in insecurities and social awkwardness?
  • Is the rapid technological advancement making us feel lonelier?
  • Should excessive violent video gaming be abolished?

How to choose argumentative essays for your next project?

The argumentative essay topics for high school are of diverse categories. But unless they are strictly assigned by teachers, students must make some special notes on choosing the correct one to write. Here some effective tricks that helped me-

  • Choose contradictive topics that will help you prove your point efficiently. It will provide you with ample scope to defend and support your thoughts
  • Avoiding sensitive topics and others based on cultural and moral issues is recommended
  • Choose topics that will help you present a fair criticism and analysis on it, thus providing ample material to write about

Argumentative essays are a chance to put forward solid arguments no matter how straight-forward and unpleasant they are. Your essay must be honest and only then they will automatically appeal to the readers!

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