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Can you help me with my math homework?” Is that what you are wondering? Are you always at loggerheads with mathematics problems? So, the very idea of studying maths is giving you headache. Don’t lose heart. This is a growing epidemic among students. Good news is,professional help and guidance are close at hand.

Importance of learning mathematics

Galileo has aptly said “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.” This is especially true in today’s world. There is no field which does not involve mathematics and its applications.

  • It is more of a life skill than a mere area of learning.
  • Scientists apply principles of mathematics in their work.
  • Management studies cannot be devoid of maths.
  • Bankers and stock market analysts need to be experts in calculations and analysis.
  • Maths is involved in all mundane jobs like shopping, selling, nursing or even sports.

Homework and mathematics

The need for giving homework in maths has been much debated over the last decade. Parents, as well as teachers, have divided views on the topic. As for the students wondering “canyou help me with my math homework?” any move that reduces their burden will be welcoming for them. Fact is, homework is helpful, provided it is given in a limited and logical manner.


  • It is only through practice that a man can perfect himself. If you want to excel in mathematics, you need to practise, which comes in the form of homework.
  • When you do sums in class, you are doing in a guided atmosphere. At home, you’re required to put in all your efforts to get the correct results. Thus, the concepts are thoroughly understood.
  • Brain cells are put to work while doing maths sums. This develops an analytical mind and improves problem solving
  • You might be able to find out alternate ways of solving problems other than those discussed in class. There you get to move a step ahead of your peers.


  • Too much of anything becomes boring. If the assignments are innumerable, it creates dullness rather than interest making students ask, “canyou help me with my math homework?”
  • Assignments are generally based on the ‘one size for all’ concept. No difference is made on the basis of mental capacity of students. While one may be able to clear one’s concept in two sums, other might take twenty sums to reach the same level. Too many assignments would mean that the first one will get frustrated as he finds the repetition boring. Too less would mean that second one will be frustrated as he won’t be able to grasp concepts fully.
  • A major argument put forward by many parents is that homework is time taking. It restricts students from indulging in other outdoor activities. This needs to be remedied by keeping a tab on the volume of assignments.

Grey areas in mathematics

The area of difficulty may differ depending upon the interest of students.

  • Algebra or algebraic geometry is mostly categorised as a difficult topic.
  • Analytical and logical questions are also feared by many students.
  • Applied mathematics also confuses students sometimes.

Whatever be your problem area, there are homework help websites these days that come as answers to your worry — “Can you help me with my math homework?”

Parents as educators

Today, the role of parents in bringing up their children is of utmost importance. They are sometimes called upon to help learners with their home assignments also. Some parents complain that it is a hectic task for them as they themselves are unable to understand some topics. But if the ask you “canyou help me with my math homework?” you should first learn to understand them.

  • Understand that your child is struggling with his assignments. Being considerate is what is first required of parents.
  • Find out the average time required for completing each given task. If your child is taking considerably larger amount of time than others, investigate the reasons for that. If they need special attention, provide them.
  • You are not expected to know everything. First clear your concepts by searching online. Professional study help websites provide all help needed. To your query, “canyou help me with my math homework?” they always have a positive answer.
  • Encourage children to do regular practice. Motivate them to complete tasks within given time.

Parents; please don’t do these!

  • Don’t ever compare your kids with their friends. You will end up demoralising them.
  • When asked to help in homework, don’t ask them how the teacher told to do it. If they remembered it, they won’t be asking you.
  • Don’t accuse them of not paying attention in class. They might not have understood. In this case,homework help websitescan help in learning the concepts with them.
  • Before sending a note to the teacher stating that your child hasn’t understood, try to find out solutions by yourself. Kids appreciate your efforts.
  • Do not always play a peeping Tom when your children are in front of their laptops. It is likely that they are finding some study help. Trust them.

“Can you help me with my math homework?” Yes! 7 tips for students from experts

  1. Devote time for regular practice. Nothing else can replace hard work. Set time tables for each topic of maths and adhere to them strictly.
  2. Don’t be scared of making mistakes. Mistakes are preludes to success. Review your errors and learn from them.
  3. Create a proper environment free of distractions. Select places where you are less likely to be disturbed. You need complete concentration to do maths.
  4. Be thorough with the concepts. When in doubt, call for help. If your parents are unable to help you, research on the net. There are many study help sites where you really do get help.
  5. Ask questions in class if you don’t understand any concept.
  6. Listen to the questions that others ask. It may not have crept into your mind, but may later.
  7. Most important, stay away from unhealthy competition. Don’t always aim at beating others. It creates unnecessary stress.

Technology has made its entry in the field of education. Today, learning is not limited to classrooms. For every doubt, students get an answer from reliable professional study websites. Even educators have started resorting to modern aids. They can guide the students on the websites where they will get extra practice. Parents too feel the pressure and go online for helping their kids. Everywhere technology has shown its impact.

Go ahead without fear

From a personal experience I would suggest, do not be afraid of mathematics. Be it maths or any other subject, regular practice and hard work can help you reach great heights. Success awaits those who toil hard. Hopefully, you got answer to “Can you help me with my math homework?”

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