The Forms and Strategies of Hedging: The Material for a Perfect Assignment

What is hedging?

Hedging can be defined as a process meant for balancing risks. In other words, it is the practice where a business organization acquires a position in one market but the act is meant to counterbalance a risk they are otherwise undertaking by acquiring a position in another/ an opposing market. The term also comes into use in case of undertaking investment instead of acquiring a place in any market. Basically, it’s a preventive measure against loses which might be incurred from other risky financial ventures of the organization.

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How can a company create a hedge?

So as to say, a hedge can be created with number financial instruments such as:

  • Stock
  • Insurance
  • Exchange trade funds
  • Future contracts
  • Forward contracts and others.

Forms of Hedging:

Hedging can be of various kinds and each firm adopts their own methods, suitable to the way of their individual operation. For a general overview, a student can take into consideration the most popular forms of hedging which are:

  • Currency future contracts
  • Future contracts in terms of interest
  • Equity related hedging
  • Forward exchange contracts both for currency as well as interest
  • Interests through money market operations.

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Important Hedging Strategies:

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  • Tracker Hedging: This is a pre-purchase method where with the arrival of the maturity date, the open position is decreased
  • Back to back: this strategy is used in the commodity market where an available position is immediately closed my making a purchase

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