“Help Me Do My Homework”: How and Where to Approach for the Same

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Nothing can be worse than completing your homework when all of your friends and family are going for a get together. I am sure that sometimes you must have wished for a magic wand that could complete your homework on your behalf. One of the most indigent sentences by students is, “Help me do my homework!”

Well honestly, it’s not your fault and you do not have to feel embarrassing while asking for some homework help. Everyone has a choice to make in their lives, and sometimes if you do not prior your homework, then it’s okay!

So why don’t we discuss few methods to answer your statement, “Help me do my homework”:

Online homework help

One of the most popular and excellent platform to serve homework help is online assignment/homework help links. You will find numerous companies providing expert help with your homework and provide the quality content that is neither copied nor poorly conducted.

In my personal opinion, online platform works like a charm for students especially on those subjects that take lot of time and effort in completing the homework.


  • Expert help to provide you excellent content quality
  • Help in upgrading your grades
  • Homework submission under the deadline
  • 24 hours online help
  • You will have time for other subjects and activities


Well, I have never experienced any disadvantage with online help in my time.

In fact, online help is your perfect partner to answer you with your most common need: “help me do my homework

Help from your teachers

Students when they really need some help with homework they approach their teachers as well to understand few topics and requirement of the homework. So when you ask them “help me to do my homework”, do you experience benefits or disappointment from them? Let’s pin down some advantages and disadvantages of asking homework help from your teachers.


So, if your teachers agree to help you with your homework, you can relate the following advantages of the same:

  • Students understand the expectation for their homework
  • Sometimes help with notes and few explanations
  • Might exceed your deadline


Sometimes teachers do not support the students with their homework. Well, it is not their fault because they have ten other things to take care. Under such a case, following are some disappointing answers that might be considered as disadvantages of asking a help from teachers:

  • They might not like your guts to ask help from them which might conclude in bad reputation
  • They might just ask you to help yourself
  • They might not have time to dedicate and explain the need of homework

Help from your classmates

This is one of the most common ground to ask help. “If you are my true friend, you will help me do my homework”, does it sound familiar? I am sure, it does. Students ask for help from their friends and other classmates who are well versed with the subjects. Let’s consider few reactions by them.


  • They might help you with notes
  • They will help you by explaining few topics
  • They will help you on how to structure your assignment


  • They will not tell you anything about their homework because they do want you to have a look on the same.
  • They might delay in explaining you few topics because they are busy with their assignments
  • They might not help you at all because they are sailing in the same boat and hope to succeed in the competition

It is understood that many students face disappointment when they ask for some help from their friends or professors. One of the most annoying as well as funniest attribute is the dialogue they utter when you ask them for some help. Let’s discuss few.

The most common dialogues that I use to hear when I asked someone to help me do my homework:

  • “I really wish I could help you but I am not sure about the homework too”
  • “I have one more assignment to focus on, I don’t have time”
  • “I was coming to you to help me on my homework
  • “Why don’t you attend lectures on time? If you would have, you shouldn’t have been asking for help”
  • “That other classmate has taken my notes, not sure when I’ll get back”
  • “I am really disturbed with my personal life, sorry!”
  • “Enroll for online help; they help me do my homework too”

Well, I am sure you must have heard one of these dialogues too. But honestly it is not the similar case that they mention most of the time because homework can be competitive. And of course, they do not want to lose in this game. But don’t lose your heart and carry right and positive willingness to achieve the best.

Homework is a burden: is it?

As a matter of fact, many students feel that homework is of no use for them. But honestly, it all varies from different perspective of students. Let’s under the same with an example:

So let’s say you opted for three subjects: Mathematics, computers and statistics this semester. You are confident and passionate about computers for example, but on the other hand, you do not really pursue a great interest in other two subjects.

So when you are assigned a homework in computer, you will passionately work on the same because hey! That was your favorite subject!

Help me do my homework!” will pop for other two subjects because it might take lot of your time to complete the same because of disinterest in the same. At the same time, if you have some get together or an event to attend; you will that such homework is not even worth it. So as mentioned before, it differs from different perspective!

But please remember that your homework is not the only factor to help you with better career. And if you are asking someone to “help me do my homework”, well that’s’ for your benefit itself.  Every student needs a right approach and potential towards their passion. And one day, you might run your own IT Company.

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