“Help Me on My Homework”: What Intend Students Run for Help?

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Help me on my work”, does it sound familiar? Yes of course it does! This is the most common need that students look around for when they are either caught with deadline or disinterest in the homework. I was caught in such a situation too when I opted for mathematics as a major subject in one of the semester. The derivatives and examples on integration and differentiation gave me tough time and I looked around if someone could help me do my homework.

5 reasons behind students’ need of “help me on my homework”:

Students feel burdened when they have homework to finish within a weeks’ time. Since they are in their teenage, they want to enjoy every opportunity to hang out with their friends and families. But because of homework and assignment of each subject of the semester, they feel helpless and annoyed when they are not able to enjoy any of the same.

And especially if the subject is something that they do not really like, homework help becomes an essential need for them as they do not feel confident on their content and poor quality that might spoil their grades. Students when asking “help me on my homework”; they have specific reasons for the same.

Let’s discuss few reasons that incline students to ask for homework help:

  1. They do not possess interest in the subject at all: This is one of the most common reasons as students tend to lack interest in the subject after few weeks and generate curiosity towards other activities and subjects.
  2. They are going through some personal emotional downfall and lack focus towards homework: Students tend to fall week emotionally when they are going through some worry either in their house or with friends. Under such circumstances, students cannot focus on their studies and they look for help with their homework.
  3. They feel homework is not worth testing their knowledge and grades: Students carry their own perspective about academic systems and sometimes feel that homework is not worth their time. They believe in practical approach and digital solutions towards their learning process. And as a result, they fail to understand the concept of assignments and homework which persuade them to look for homework help while they study on their own through digital and practical platforms.
  4. They are not confident about the topic and respective requirement of the homework: Such a situation occurs when student miss their lectures. When students miss their classes and notes, they don’t feel confident about few topics , they end up saying, “help me on my homework, because I am occupied with physics studies”
  5. They are occupied with other subjects and therefore, do not have time to finish the same: if you have more than three subjects in each semester, you will require dedication in each segment separately. Due to lack of time because of other subjects, many students are not able to finish the homework at a given time constraint and thus, look for homework help for the third subject.

It will not be off beam to mention that students hold their own thinking and mindset about academic structures of their school and it is difficult to change the same. But that’s okay because student deserves their own time as well. That completely explains their requirement on “help me on my homework

Why do students feel that homework is waste of time?

As mentioned before, students hold their own outlook about their life and priority of things in their time. There can be many reasons why students feel that homework does not really help them with knowledge and learning. Let’s pin down some:

  • Past experience:

Students that have experienced lower grades even after working really hard on their homework and other projects; they ultimately start questioning the system. And as a result, they opt look for their retort on “help me do my homework” which is generally answered by online homework help that will provide them good quality in order to dedicate their timefor other activities.

  • No understanding:

Few students lack the quick attribute to learn and understand the concepts of few subjects in one go. Under such a scenario, they spend lot of time to finish their homework and still do not feel confident about the content. And thus, it results them to change their conviction that homework can be waste of time.

  • Different Approach:

Many students carry a different approach towards the learning system. One such example is the practical ad oral approach towards subjects. Many students question the system and suggest their teachers to conduct oral and practical assignment in the premises itself. Such students strongly believe that homework can be waste of time.

After discussing the mentioned points, it raises another big question, and that is whether or not students learn something from their assignment?

Do students learn anything from homework?

Why don’t we explain this with the help of an example!

So let’s consider that you are passionate about fashion study but unfortunately you have chosen financial planning as the other subject in this semester. Well, you are aware that your grades depend on your homework quality. Let’s suppose that you are assigned homework for both of the subjects.

Your topic for homework for fashion is learning about different neck lining. On the other hand, your financial topic is how to calculate net present value. Explain with examples.

Considering your interest in fashion, you will research about the neck lining from your notes as well as online resources. You will enjoy that homework, as fashion study is your passion and learning about neck lining will help to improve your designing in future. And thus, you can state that fashion homework helped you understand the details of neck lining.

Homework on net present value, on the other hand will not amuse you as might be spending more time and effort into fashion assignment and not financial studies. And therefore, you will look for homework help regarding net present value. You will probably look for online help that can best answer you with “help me on my homework”.

And thus, we can state that it completely depends on the choice and interest of students on whether homework really helps a student or not.

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