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 English is international language as well as the first language of Europe and taken as a second language in most of the country of this world. Hence,it is the only communicating language in abroad for them who do not know any other language except their mother tongue. Learning English is an important part of education today all over the world.

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About the topic

English is the widely used language in all over the world and dominate as medium of education in most of the country. English learning is not only learning the language properly, English literature is also play a significant role in this study. English language is about grammar, vocabulary framing of sentences etc. Literature is application of language to express one’s thoughts and idea and it contains several text, story, novels, poetry etc.

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About the study course

Several college and universities offers several types of course you can choose any one of them. But remember to avail an expert assistance for sure success and universityhomeworkhelp is such an organization. So you can request us as please’ help with my English homework’ but before that you must know the course in a nutshell —

  • General literature

It contents novel, story, drama, poetry etc.

  • history of literature

It includes several written creation of mediaeval age up to time of Renaissance.

  • Modern literature

It includes creation of modern age writer’s, poet and novelist, several crime and science fictional story, literature made for children such as comics, cartoons etc.

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Several types of home tasks

English literature is enriched with a huge creation of so many bold and genius authors, novelist and poets.  So students have to learn several kinds of story and textwhich are categorized as —

  • Expository writings

Generally all the test and pieces from suggested books and reference books are expository writings. Students have to explain different part of the piece and often need to make a summary of a specific part.Students have to prepare these by their own knowledge and skills but all the students do not have enough strength and skill.

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  • Persuasive text

Here students have explains author’s point of view about any subject or character logically. They have to support or oppose the author’s thoughts and idea rationally with proper reasons to establish their opinion. These are really critical so without any hesitation you must approach us,please ‘help with my English assignment’.

  • Expressive writings

These are collected from famous person’s personal diary and letters to someone special.  It may be any famous speech which is published in a journal. Students have to explain writer’s point of view, emotion and feelings related with the writings. These often give you a tough fight so it will be wise to approach any expert professional – please ‘help with my English homework’.

  • Literary pieces

This part includes novels, story, biography, autobiography drama and poetry; students have to write several descriptive question answers here. A vivid description of a character which is pen paint by the author is asked to describe here.

  • Easy writing

It is one of the inevitable parts of this course and there is no specific syllabus for writing an essay. Students have to write a text on any subject matter by their own language and vocabulary. It is included in the course for making a correct assessment of student’s knowledge, vocabulary, and strength and application power.

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What is the significance of learning English?

Today learning English has lots of significance hence, it is an inevitable part of education. Few reasons are given below:

  • As it is an international language hence, most of the people of different country can communicate with English. So if you want to go abroad for education, business, health or pleasure tour purpose you must know it.
  • For your study most of the good books of your syllabus and out of it from reference, are written in this language.
  • Students of this stream are offered several combined course so you can get a duel degree here.
  • You can experience the treasure of literature only by knowing this language.

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How it is beneficial for students?

English homework is an integral part of education since time immemorial.  Though students have to give maximum effort and time for these but it has some benefits also and they are —

  • More practice helps to cope up this foreign language
  • It enhances your vocabulary
  • It develops your writing skills

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We are a trustworthy partner of most of the student, so you too can easily approach us ‘help with my English homework’. Our key features are —

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