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What is science? It is a way of studying nature. There are so many natural phenomena going on all around humans since time immemorial.Sun rise, sun set, season change, etc. all of these incidents aroused human interest. They began studying and trying to understand them. Thus science was born. If today you say ‘help with my physics homework’, then it is all a result of that birth.

Now science has its own classifications. Basically they deal with two parts. They are:

  • Inanimate objects —

More popularly termed as physical science, it deals with matter and substances under different conditions.

  • Living and organic materials—

It is what is known as biology. It deals with living creatures and all substances associated with them.

But, do not get impatient again and start shouting, ‘help with my physics assignment’. We will be getting there soon. Now, Physical science is divided into further two more parts. They are, as we all know:

  • Chemistry —

It is basically about studying chemical properties of matter, which involvesmolecular, atomic and electronic structures.

  • Physics —

It is our main concern here. It deals with motion and energies of inanimate objects.

This latter part of science is a significant part in education and academics. That is why teachers set a lot of home assignments to students of this subject. Naturally, troubled by these home tasks often students say ‘help with my physics homework’.

About this topic

What is physics? It is the science that studies behaviors of objects under different conditions of forces and energies. It is the basic of all sciences, as based on its theories a lot of formulations in chemistry and biology are made. So, even if you plan to pursue chemistry or biology, you should not neglect this part. If not possible, come to and demand, ‘help with my physics assignment’.

Now, this subject has many parts with some overlapping with the other. But, broadly we can classify them as follows:

  • Classical Mechanics —

It deals with motions of massive and daily life objects under different conditions. It itself has two parts, viz. Kinematics and dynamics. The former is concerned only with path and motion of objects. However, the latter also deals with sources and causes of forces and motion. It also has another part which is known as Relativity, which deals with objects with very high speed and huge masses. This later part is one of the major reasons for students telling, ‘help with my physics homework’.

  • Electromagnetism —

It has major relation with electric and magnetic properties of matter and particles. Charge and electric currents are very important factors here. Optics especially, wave optics is basically a part of this topic.

  • Quantum mechanics —

It is about particles of extremely small dimensions, i.e. to levels of atoms and subatomic particles. It is quite different from classical idea, as there are no exact paths computable here. A probabilistic approach has to be taken and that is its unique feature.This also another key area of students’ trouble and call, ‘help with my physics assignment’.

  • Nuclear Physics —

It deals with nucleus of an atom and its constitutions. Needless to say that quantum mechanics is involved very much in it. And added to that other notable energy, forces and features are also present.

  • Statistical mechanics —

Here approximations are made on huge number of particles or systems. It is used to give an approximate complete description of a system about which we have incomplete knowledge. It uses ideas of statistics and is useful in many parts of physics, including thermodynamics.

These main key divisions of this subject give a total description of it. They may apparently look simple, but are not. That is why students are always saying, ‘help with my physics homework’.

Why students scared of this subject?

Every subject has its own complexities and key areas that students find difficult. In this subject too there are such areas. Mathematics is one of the major problems that students face while dealing with this subject and hence yells, ‘help with my physics assignment’. Mathematics is popularly called the language of science, especially physics. This subject stands on two basic pillars of mathematics:

  • Vectors
  • Calculus

The former one is used vividly in mechanics and electromagnetism. Whereas,latter is used in almost all parts of physics concerned. In fact, calculus was formulated itself by a physicist, Sir Isaac Newton. Hence, it is clear how important math is in case of this subject.

However math is not easy at all. It has its own complications, especially in its theories and logics. Theory and proofs in mathematics follow a certain standard procedure and anything else is unacceptable. This is not found easy by science students who are not much savvy with such ideas. Also its computations tend to draw silly mistakes, where students suffer more. That is why; they need to ask us, “Can someone please help with my physics homework?”

Who can help you?

To cope up this subject, students always need a perfect assistance but it won’t be available easily. Students have to search vividly for a genuine tutorial or else they may be miss- leaded.  Only approaching as help with my physics assignment’ — is not enough for these purpose.  You have to check —

  • The service period and the reputation of the tutorial
  • Qualification and experience of the faculties
  • Views of the old and senior students about the faculty and their way of teaching.
  • Timing and charges are suitable or not.
  • You can go for an online tutorial as it is the latest and easiest way of learning.

So students from now onwards all of you must check these factors before saying ‘help with my physics homework’ to anyone.

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