Here’s How to Choose a PhD Research Topic in English Literature

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“One of the practical ways to create knowledge-based growth is to motivate potential candidates towards pursuing their PhDs!”

Although Ph.D. is considered an epitome of superior knowledge and understanding, to be able to reach that point in a lifetime is quite a task. It takes years of toiling and perseverance to actually get something fruitful out of the research tenure.

Pursuing a doctoral degree, especially in a subject like English literature is full of endless challenges. This is mostly because there are limited options to explore in terms of research topics.

Challenges with research in English literature

Research in scientific backgrounds is a tad bit simpler since there are endless possibilities to opt from. Everyday there is some new disease being diagnosed, a new strain of virus being isolated, or a new drug is being designed.

Finding the ideal option from the pool of new and improved research prospects in the stream of scientific analysis is not quite difficult.Much greater emphasis has to be led on how to choose a phd research topic in english literature for candidates willing to pursue it. According to experts in academia, the field of literature is on the verge of complete saturation and that needs to be urgently addressed.

A revolution in education in the stream of humanities is long due. Researchers over the world are asking for new thinking and willing candidates to take on the responsibility to take this domain forward towards greatness.

There are so many difficulties that candidates pursuing Ph.D. in English literature or for that matter in any subject under humanities have to encounter. Learning how to choose a phd research topic in english literature is only the beginning of the drudgery.

Some of them are categorized below-

#Problem 1

Impractical working schedules– There are instances when candidates feel exploited when they are required to work for unrealistic hours and reach impractical goals which leave them drained, both physically and mentally. Ph.D. scholars are in fact seen to work 7 days a week.

Extreme job descriptions such as this are driving a lot of candidates towards other career options. Moreover, overworking does not leave any room for reflection and imagination to thrive. As a result, candidates are barely able to come up with new and striking ideas.

#Problem 2

Confusion and inhibitions– It is often seen that students with artistic or creative dimensions to them are visibly interactive. This makes us for quite a challenge when they are required to propose their research idea and pitch their domain of interest. To make matters worse, the supervisors could not be more indifferent when it comes to helping their scholars work on their shortcomings.

#Problem 3

Most of them lack concrete purpose– After years of relentless effort and putting up with the unrealistic targets, candidates often lose focus of their purpose. They are made to believe that Ph.D. is quite a dead-end when it comes to actually find a job. This is also true in some cases where companies consider Ph.D. candidates over-qualified and hence the number of meagerly employed Ph.D.s continues to rise.

Apart from understanding the tricks of how to choose a phd research topic in english literature, aspirants must work equally hard to understand their goals in life. They must be absolutely sure about signing up for a prolonged period of struggle over a decent job in the corporate. They must have a clear vision while opting to pursue a doctoral degree to avoid losing focus in the long-run.

Practical ways to choose the ideal research topic

“Finding the research topic and supervisor is such an elaborate task. I am on the verge of giving up on my Ph.D. dream”

There are several instances when students let go of their aspirations of pursuing a doctoral degree simply because of the baggage that comes along. Gruesome working hours and unreliable guides should be the least of a candidate’s concerns that still have to figure out

how to choose a phd research topic in english literature.

Here are some simple procedures that might help in the process of categorizing topics and settling for the ideal one-

  1. Experts advise on following the frequently productive step of conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis on the candidate himself. In addition to that, candidates must take into consideration their topics of interest and potential guides.
  2. While learning how to choose a phd research topic in english literature candidates must begin their search by mapping their choice of research circuit. Once the research domain is settled on they can take it from there. Experts recommend it to be done using literature metrics and other free tools available online.
  3. Itis also important to analyze the importance of research on the topic a candidate is considering. They must be clear on how that topic impacts the world and whether it is going to be an interesting area to work on. Candidates must not go with the follow and select a topic just because it is trending.
  4. Candidates must get in touch with researchers and supervisor who are currently working on their topic of choice. This will offer them an unbiased and real-time view of what to expect when he or she takes up that area for pursuing a doctoral research.

The best ways to look for help with reaching a conclusion

Finding the correct topic for research is definitely an extremely consuming process. The above-mentioned factors can greatly assist in that journey. Apart from that, candidates can look for helpful portals online who make it simpler to decide on a topic. They can also assist in understanding whether or not that domain accounts for a prospective topic.

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