Homework Despite Being Uncool for Pupils Has Its Perks! Read on Now!

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“Classes are over. Yay! Now, I can go home, relax and play. But, oh no!! I have homework to do”- this is the common mentality of most of the students. Why do students consider homework as a burden- something which they have to do against their will? Students need to understand that homework, despite being uncool, has its own perks. If it is done the right way and with a positive attitude, it can be tremendously beneficial for them.

It is evident that after spending a long day in school, students don’t have the energy left to complete their homework. After reaching home, all they want to do is to throw their bags and go out to play or in some case they opt to take rest. But, if students are shown the bright side of homework, they will automatically take an interest in completing their assignments on time.

Following are the benefits of doing homework on a regular basis:

  • Better understanding

As it is said, when students revise a particular topic, they get a better understanding of it. They get an idea of a new topic when it is taught to them in class, but when they come home and solve the questions assigned to them from that topic, they understand that topic better. It gets sketched in their minds when they study it themselves at home.

  • Practice makes a man perfect

The main reason of assigning homework to students is that they should go through all the topics discussed in class and practice questions based on those topics. The more questions they practice, their doubts get cleared. They gain more knowledge about that particular topic. Practice helps in acquiring and maintaining proficiency in that topic.

  • Proper notes can be made

When students are in class, they cannot simultaneously listen to the teacher and make notes. A lot of things gets skipped while taking notes in class. Though, they make a mental notes of the things, but with time, it escapes the memory. When they return home and do their homework, they get ample time to jot down the skipped points and reorganize their notes.

  • Depth of knowledge towards a favorite subject

When homework is assigned to a student on his favorite subject, this creates a thrill in the students. They get excited about working on that task. They carry out extensive research and ways to excel. So, homework acts as a boosting element towards deepening the knowledge of a student on an already favorite subject.

  • Increases interest towards a lesser liked subject

If a student doesn’t like to study a particular subject but is forced to complete the assignments given to him, he will gradually develop an interest towards that subject. This is because he/she will have to do a little bit of research on that subject and continuous research and perseverance will eventually ignite a passion towards that subject.

  • Winning against distraction

Needless to less, the world is filled with distraction for children, be it the urge to go out to play, or to watch TV, or use their phones, or play games in computer. So, when children concentrate on doing homework, they focus all their attention on their tasks and thus wins against all the above mentioned distractions.

  • Popularity among friends

This might come as a surprise for the readers- how can you gain popularity in your friends circle just by doing homework?

Ok, let me share an incident from my personal life. Once, we were asked to memorize all the capitals of the states as homework. Once I had finished doing that, I thought of memorizing the capitals of all the countries of the world. I did so and told my friends about that. They were very impressed.

So, you see, you too can be a star amongst your friends if you do something extra and something creative about your homework. Not only will it make the homework fun but along with making you smart amongst your friends, it will also increase your knowledge.

  • Interaction between parents and children

When students are assigned with homework, it gives parents an opportunity to understand the progress their child is making in school. Parents, while helping the child with his/her homework, get to know the merits and demerits of their child and thus help the child to improve on his weaker areas.

  • Time management

When students are given a lot of tasks to finish at home, it indeed becomes difficult. This is where time management comes into effect. Instead of panicking, they should find a way to complete all their assignments in that allocated time period. It will help them in the long run. They will get a hang of managing time effectively.

  • Strategizing and planning

Along with time management, completing homework on time requires a specific plan. If children are made to inculcate this habit of strategizing and planning to complete their homework in the stipulated time from an early age, when they grow up, the habit will be embedded inside them, which will help them to deal with difficult situations.

  • No last moment hurry

A lot of students have the habit of putting things off until the last moment. They refrain from completing their studies on a regular basis. When the exams arrive, they are at their wits’ end as to what to do. Homework ensures that it doesn’t happen. If students develop the habit of finishing their homework, it keeps them up-to-date with the syllabus being covered in class and they can be saved from the last moment rush before the night of the examination.

  • Makes the students responsible

When a student finishes his homework on time, it gives him a sense of achievement. He feels that he was successful in shouldering the responsibility given to him and that fills him with a sense of fulfilment. He starts taking his commitments towards life seriously. This helps him in becoming a responsible person in future.

  • Increases memory and mental agility

When a student is doing homework, whether he/she is solving questions or memorizing the previously learnt topic, all the previously known things get ingrained in his/her mind and this increases his memory and sharpness of mind.

Final words

In a nutshell, it can be said that though it is painful and involves a sense of reluctance among pupils when they are given homework, but it is a gold mine in disguise. Teachers provide homework to students so that they are in touch with the topics of syllabus and their memory doesn’t fade. Homework are also given to ensure that students perform well in exams. So, students, take a little pain now, sit patiently, finish your homework and be ready to enjoy the fruits of your toil in the coming days.

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