How Can Teachers Help Their Pupils Manage Their Homework Time?

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Homework plays a very important role in the life of the student. It is the best way a student can learn about his subjects and excel in it. Even though they hate doing it and try to avoid it as much as possible yet it is the most important part when a student is studying in a school. This is because school is where they learn new things which are important for their base. If they work hard now and make their base stronger then it will be helpful for them in the long run as well.

Role homework plays in the life of a student

Homework plays various roles in their life, not only academically but also in their personality development. Let us know few of them:

  • Homework helps them know their capabilities and potentiality.
  • It helps them to become responsible for their work, be it in studies or their own work.
  • It teaches them time management skills from small age itself so that they could manage huge burden in future.
  • It also helps them know the subject in great detail and expand their knowledge outside the book as well.
  • Homework is very important as it teaches them new ways to deal with various subjects.

But students cannot achieve these benefits of homework without the guidance of the teachers and parents. Most of them hate doing it as they don’t know the advantage they are going to get in near future.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the teacher first to help them know the importance of doing assignments so that they realize its value. Just giving homework every day and moving on to the next chapter is not the proper solution for students.

There are students are intelligent and can understand what is going on in class. Whereas, there are students who are weak and need proper attention, it is the responsibility of the teacher to teach them time management according to the capability of students.

Ways teachers can manage homework time of students

Let us now focus on some ways in which teachers can guide the students on homework time management depending on their potentialities. These are tips which the teachers can learn first and then convey it to the students.

Teachers just assign the work to the children and think that their task ends there. But they fail to realize that children might find that lesson tough and waste a lot of time on it. Or it might happen that they just copy what has been done in class and submit it to you the next day. By doing this they are not learning anything.

Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Work out on problems yourself

Being a teacher it is important that you work out the assignments yourself before allotting it to the students. In this way you will get to know the difficulty level of the problem and the time taken by the children to complete it. Further it will also help you to differentiate between the times taken by a weak student than an intelligent student. You can also allot the time depending on the type of homework. If it’s a logical homework such as mathematics, physics, etc. then it might take a much longer time compared to problems that are descriptive in nature such as history, geography and Hindi homework. Thus this the way you can provide time to the students and ask them to maintain the time.

  • Allot marks to solving problems

The other way you can help student understand how much time to devote to which problem is by allotting marks to it. You being a teacher can understand the importance of the problems and mark them accordingly. Thus they will understand that problems that havebeen allotted with fewer marks are less important and require less time compared to other problems.

This is the most effective way to influence student as well for doing their homework as they will do anything in order to score well in class. To know why students don’t do their work and require help, you can have a look at reasons why students don’t do their homework.

  • Explain them well

The major cause of children not being able to do their work on time is that they fail to understand the problem. Thus to save their time and teach them proper time management it is important for teachers to explain their lessons well. If they know their chapters well, then they will not waste much of their time in thinking about the problem again and again.

  • Work independently

The other way of helping children is by not helping them. Teachers nowadays give students all the study materials from before and ask them to learn it from there. This is not helpful for them in thelong run as they develop a habit of not working at all.

It is important for the teachers to leave them and ask them to do everything independently. They can ask you for help but not for the whole problem. This will help them make responsible and hard working. As students start doing their owntask, they get the idea on how to manage their time.

Thus, it is seen that teachers can play an important role in shaping the future of children. Giving homework doesn’t end your task over there if you fail to see other aspects. Along with the work, it is important that you guide them in managing their work as well. Other than home, it is the school and teachers from where students learn the most.

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