How Can You Enrich Your Article with the Help of Some Innovative Narrative Essay Ideas?

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Do you have a hobby of writing blogs on some interesting topics? Or, are you currently associated with some research programs that require you to prepare some well-structured thesis paper? Or, does your academic course include the presentation of some scholarly essays?

In any of the aforementioned situations, you need to grab the attention of the readers or your guides or professors and in doing so you need to possess some engaging narrative essay ideas that will surely level your essay up from others.

Essay writing is actually a creative capacity that cannot be directed by some exact principles or rules. An essay would be considered as being interesting and informative at the same time if it is original and bears the reflections of the thoughts of the author.

That is why the narrative essay ideas can vary from person to person and one may not get benefitted by following someone else’s ideas. Here we are going to discuss some of the topics related closely to the composition of narrative essays in different stages:

Selection of the essay topic

A professional essay like that of in a blog or in the editorial page of a newspaper can in no way similar to that of an academic essay prepared by the school students or the dissertation papers prepared by the research scholars or university students.

The first step of acquiring knowledge of the narrative essay ideas is to be on familiar terms with the genre of the essay topics. People, who are given the task of choosing suitable essay topics for some specific areas, are required to possess sufficient knowledge about the following things:

  • People who are supposed to write the essay
  • The professional or academic designation or qualification of the supposed writers
  • The age of the supposed writers
  • The comfort zone of the writers as well as the target audience
  • The accurate purpose of writing the essay; whether it is going to shed light on some much-discussed topic or is going to present something fresh and new
  • Whether the topic is going to hurt the identity or orientation of any individual or community; if so, then how far the topic could be modified if it must be written about

Divisions of ideas

The narrative essay ideas should be categorized mainly according to the nature or the purpose of writing the essay and the focus area of the writers. Here we are presenting some of the ways through which the essays can be divided into separate categories;

  • Academic essays
  1. Primary school essays
  2. Secondary or high school essays
  3. College-level essays
  4. University-level essays
  5. Research-level essays (dissertation or thesis paper)
  6. Scholarly write-ups (for academic journals)
  • Professional essays
  1. Blogs
  2. Editorial essays
  3. Articles on media
  4. Explanation or opinions on a particular report
  5. Reviews (products, books, movies etc)
  6. Awareness essays (health tips, budget ideas etc)

This is a somewhat generalized representation of the types for the narrative essay ideas according to different genres. Several other classifications can be there and the topics or ideas can be chosen according to that.

Sequencing the paragraphs in the correct order

Once the selection of the essay topic is done, you need to know the details of composing it properly. By having some innovative narrative essay ideas, you can ace out your competitors easily. Maintaining the appropriate sequence of topics in your essay is of great importance in this regard. In order to receive a huge applause from your readers or your professors, you may follow the sequence of topics mentioned below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Abstract
  3. Introducing the main topic
  4. Explaining the topic in your own words
  5. Relating the topic to some other scholarly article
  6. Analyze the topic critically or by applying pertinent theories
  7. Other prominent writers’ opinions on the topic
  8. Conclusion (in a way that gives space for further deliberation)

Choosing the appropriate format

Formatting a paper correctly is essential if you are willing to be praised for the composition. Several types of formats are available that are maintained for composing formal essays. Two of them are APA and MLA which are both widely recognized and extensively followed.

Include any one of them in your list of narrative essay ideas as this going to fetch you good impression and marks if you are preparing the essay for academic purposes. In case of professional purposes, follow the advice of your senior, supervisor or your guide in regard to the formatting of the essay. While formatting the paper, keep the following things in your mind:

  • Follow the rules of introduction and conclusion carefully according to the format you have chosen
  • Give the title and other topical details as described in your format handbook
  • Pay attention to the facts like:
    1. Alignments
    2. Font style
    3. Font size
    4. Line spacing
    5. Spacing between words
  • Know when and where to use italics and underline
  • Make the correct use of all the punctuation marks and the quotation marks
  • State clearly from where you have collected the quoted lines
  • Prepare the bibliography page as directed in your format handbook

In addition to these things, keep it in your mind that a narrative essay always requires to be reflective of your individual thoughts and your authenticity needs to be maintained throughout the essay. While you are gathering the important points of the narrative essay ideas, never forget to add this point of maintaining your originality in the list.

Last but not least, be confident about your own potential and do not shy away from putting your personal conjectures regarding the topic in your article. The demonstration of how much you have read or how many scholarly books you have consulted would surely prove your erudition and hard work for preparing the essay but, the sign of your individuality will make your essay distinct from others and will help it in getting its own characteristic stature. So, start writing now and nail a win easily!

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