How Digital Technology Makes Learning and Teaching Flexible?

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We can find amazing effects of science and technology around us in this cyber age. Technology makes our life easy and comfortable, we have short out almost all our problems in our life through science and technology.

Starting from the newspaper in our morning tea table to the comfortable condition of our bedroom during nightsleep, everywhere we can get a touch of technology. Education is also enlightened by this technology. We can find a drastic change in the field of education for last many years.

Importance of learning and teaching

We all are aware enough about the significance of education in our life. Proper education enlightens our soul and mind, helps to explore our knowledge, enhances our reasoning power and makes us able to judge all consequences properly. Hence,education increases our values and qualities which are most important for a human being.

Not only that, education helps to make our academic career for a better future.Education has two basic parts:

  1. Students, who want to learn their lessons. Students are categorised in thedifferent segment as per their age; these segments are termed as classes. Different classes contain different study material known as syllabus which suits to that specific age of students. So students need to
  • Attend their class regularly
  • Follow their lesson attentively that is taught in their classes
  • Need to take all class notes properly for further study
  • They must obey their teacher and their advice for making a better future.

  1. Another important part of education is teachers, who help in teaching the students. Provide them with the proper explanation about the lesson so that students can understand the topic perfectly. Teachers need to

  • Able to teach the specific subject in the particular classes
  • They must know all the student in their classes individually
  • They must be aware of the weakness of their students.
  • They must be impartial towards all their students.
  • They must be qualified enough to meet the students doubts and quarries.
  • They must give extra time if a student required that to cope up with the lesson.
  • They need to update themselves with the recent research, development and findings of their subject so that they can convey those to their students.

So we can say that both teachers and students are benefited with the technical changes those have occurred in the field of education. We are going to discuss about that later, before that we need to draw your attention towards the limitations of theold education system.

Drawbacks of old fashion education systems

Human started expressing their thoughts and ideas by painting sincethe cave age. At that time, men express their idea andthoughts bysymbols and pictures on the wall of their cave. After that, they started to express their ideas and thoughts by words

  • On parchment, the skin of animals
  • On papyrus, leaf of a tree
  • On Cloth
  • On tablets, made from soil
  • Copper plates etc.

It was really very hard job as

  • They had to write by wooden pens, or feathers.
  • There was no printing system they had to write by their own
  • Those were not long lasting manuscript most of those were destroyed.
  • So they had to write the same manuscript again and again,

It was really painful to write and save those important documents in that time.  After that, wooden block letters were invented,and mankind was relieved from writing documents repeatedly by their own hand. It was also a kind of technology in that age. But yet that type of printing process was not much effortless

  • It required a lot of time.
  • As it was a manual printer, it was prone to errors.

Since then with all advancement of civilization the ways of documentation and education system also evolved.

Benefits of digital education system

As mankind approached the modern day in each step, old technology was replaced by new technology, which was more advanced, qualified, comfortable and easy to access. With theassistance of science and technology, we have travelled a long path and reached thisera of digital technology. It is the most advanced and flexible hence, easy to access. In this age, we do not require books, copies pens etc. they are replaced by electronic device like-

  • Computers
  • D
  • Floppy
  • Laptops
  • E-books
  • Kindle
  • External hard drives
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • I-phone
  • Pen drives

Now, what are the benefits of using above devices in this field of education?

  1. Time saving

Digital education system saves a lot of time of students as well as the teachers, with the help of computers laptop and the internet. Both teachers and students can join online tutorial. These online tutorials are open for round the clock so they can choose their time schedule as per their convenience from their own place. Thus they can avoid running here and there for tuitions and can save a lot of time.

Now students and teachers can enjoy the felicities of thelibrary from their place if they have a Kindle. Kindle is the collection of e-books; it is a light weight electronics deviceand easy to access. So teachers and students anybody can get the facility of a library without facing any hassle and wasting any time.

Distance study is very easy due to computers and the internet. In the previous day, people had to depend on carrier service to get the study materials; they have to wait for long. But now,the students, as well as the teachers or anyone who wish to do the further study, can easily join any online studygroup through computer and internet. They can get instant help from any part of the world, ascomputer andinternetcan bring the world in our hand within a second.

  1. Long lasting

This is the age of e—books, as these are the soft copy, there is less chance to destroy than the hard books. So, digital technology providesus with the long lasting e- books. That we can easily use from our computers, smartphones, i-phones, tabletsetc.

  1. Easy to access

Higher class’s books are hard bindingheavyweightbooks. It is really painful to carry those books both for teachers and the friends. But due to digital technology we can carry alot of e- books easily in a smartphone, tablet, i-phone,etc. So students can keep touch with their study materials from anywhere they like and teachers also easily can update themselves to meet their students’queries.

Active board, the smarter form of blackboard replaces the blackboard from the classrooms. It is easy to access for the teacher, and they need to put less effort to use it.

Digital printing helps to get crystal clear print colour print of question sheet, mock test paper or any study documents effortlessly within a second. It is helpful for students, teachers and any class of people.

  1. Cost effective

E- Books are of low-cost book than a hard book. Moreover, we can download our desired books in a low cost these are long lasting books so using e-books is reallycost-effective to everyone.

  1. Storage devices

Copies are replaced by hard disk, floppy, C.D,etc. where you can save your important documents. These are along lasting way to store your resources, your thesis and they are also long lasting electronics devices andmore flexible.

I believe I can help you some extend to understand the significance of digital technology in the field of education. If you want to know more, you can surf the internet or can visit any educational site. Then you can understand that how digital technology helps to make teaching and learning easy and flexible. You get to know how it helps to do the regular assignments of the school and how regular assignments help in enhancing the IQ level of your child.

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