How Is Comparative Literature More Interesting a Subject?

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Every subject has its own beauty and uniqueness. However, there are only a few subjects, which give a person a scope to move beyond the domain of that specific subject and tread into an uncharted territory. Well, comparative literature is truly one of those subjects, which allow a person to tread beyond the charted course into that domain which is quite unexplored to that person.

As a student of literature, garnering from my personal experience, I can definitely state that unlike most of the subjects which do not allow this percolation to happen, comparative literature is a step towards that territory.

What is this subject all about?

Students from all over the world study literature that is within their domain. Comparative literature is a comparison of various literary texts from different domains of the world at a base level. Here various literary texts from different domains are studied and compared, finally conclusions are drawn.

Literatures being a subjective topic, every person have their own personal view, thus making the whole context way more interesting. The manner in which different societies are compared and contrasted, their social status is studied and further research is made is truly intriguing. There is hardly any other subject which provides such a beautiful mode to have a look into the socio political conditions of the prevailing times.

Unique features of this subject:

Quite contrary to other subjects, which are restricted within a certain domain, literature percolates every aspect of society, nation and world to a greater extent. It is quite marvellous how almost every writer from the various genres into which this subject is divided into, have a sublime connection with each other.

Whereas historians or other intellectuals have a backup to follow, for literary artists their beauty exceeds one and all making it the purest of all forms.

  • Since literature is a result of the socio-political conditions of a specific region, it can be seen that literature when studied at a comparative level reflects these aspects.
  • From this context, people get to see what the actual conditions of the society were from which the modern world has been developed.
  • Since comparative literature is a comparative analysis, hence unlike most of the subjects of linear domain this has an interesting mode by means of comparative study.
  • By studying comparative literature, people get a fair idea of the conditions that prevailed at a specific time. This automatically helps in increasing the curiosity associated with other subjects. This further result in studying of other subjects, especially those ages that have been crossed.

Thus, one can very well find that instead of a regular domain, when one follows a turned path and makes comparison with texts of other regions, they can feel a sense of solidarity and understand the world in a better condition.

The aim of education is to make a person differentiate the correct aspects from the wrong ones. Hence, with help of comparative literature, a person unlike any other subject will get more interest in understanding human behaviour and act accordingly.

Thus, one can definitely vouch for the fact that comparative literature contrary to many other subjects is more interesting due to its sheer power to provide a worldview while a person is placed at a general position.

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