How Regular Assignments Help in Enhancing the IQ Level of Your Child?

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Intelligence quotient level or I.Q. level determines the student’s educational life as well as their academic life also, not only that it is required in our everyday life.  In our daily life, we have to face several problems, we can solve these problems by our intelligence. So if we are intelligent enough, we can score good academics in our educational life. We can achieve a good academic career and can lead a problem-free, peaceful life in the future.

Intelligence is not a thing that canbe purchased from the market.It is a quality that we have to develop through some steps. Intelligence is a gift of evolution to mankind. Every human is born with it. However, this level of intelligence can be enhanced and increased accordingly, through certain ways and techniques.

By, natural means a person’s intelligencelevel reaches its peak point at theearlyage of adulthood and begins to decrease afterwards.IQ is a mathematical expressionofintelligence, and it is alterable too. In fact, psychologists have foundseveral innovative ways to improve IQ level.

One needs to have theexercise of their brains for proper durations. Then they will find that they can focus better on their work, solve problems easily and quickly and even show more creativity. Doing assignment is perhaps the best and easiest way to let your brain exercise.This way anyone will be able to rack their brains even while studying topics of their syllabi.

Several ways to enhance the IQ level of a child

We have already informed that IQ level can be enhanced to some extent through some process if anyonestarts from thevery beginning. Parents can follow these steps for enhancing their kid’sbrainpower or IQ level. I believe that all the parents are very eagerly waiting to know the facts. Hence, I am trying to enlighten the matter here:

  1. Meditation and thinking

Meditation and self-thinkinghelp to develop your brainpower! It makes your kids’ brains enable for a swift understanding of the different l changes around them. Help to increase both, the greymatter and the white matter of the brain and improve the synchronization of theentire brain.

  1. Good food and exercise

Proper nutrients and exercise help to improve tour kids’ health and brain both. Food enriched with vitamins B, E helps to increase the power of memory. Food like beans, cranberries and blue barriers, red kidney are enriched with antioxidant helps the solving ability of your kid’s brain. Doing exercise and playing several outdoor games along with the proper nutrients are required for enhancing tour children’s brain power.

  1. Try to solve brainteasers

Brainteasers play a significant role to increase your kid’s IQ level. Several video gaming, Solving crosswords, solving Sudoku, playing chase all work as brainteasers.

  1. Watching movies and television

Educational movies and television shows such as National Geography, discovery,etc.provides a general knowledge of the surrounding hence, enhancing the IQ level of your children.

  1. Learning several languages

Our brain has to work hard while we are learning something new. So wake your brain up with learning some new languages and develop you and your kid’s IQ level.

  1. Gather new experiences

Gathering new experiences while you are learning something new and travelling some new places explore your kids’ knowledge hence improve their IQ level.

  1. Doing several assignments on a regular basis

Doing the regular assignments is an usual activity for the kids. And it is also the best way for enhancing their IQ level. Your child need not follow the steps mentioned above separately.  If they sincerely do their daily home assignments those steps are followed by them spontaneously. I am providing proper explanation for your better understanding.


  • First, we have to concentrate properly on the topic for taking a good preparation and need to focus on our job to do the assignment well. Concentrating and focusing on a particular topic is similar to meditation and self-thinking. So the first part of doing anassignment is followed the step of meditation and self-thinking.

  • We have to collect lots of information which are known as resources. For these reasons we need to consult several books and journals, interact with severalindividuals’required surfing internet,

  • Hence we can develop our knowledge on any topic by gathering new experience of information. So knowledge developing steps can be followed by this way to increase our IQ level.
  • Lots of Reading and writingis required for doing an assignment, we have to learn to arrange all the information in chronological order it helps to learn the proper mannerincrease our memory, thus enhance your IQ level

  • In our regular assignments we have to do a lot of scienceprojects, and for science projects we have to do a lot of experiments, need to produce several arguments and their logical explanation to provide proper inference.

  • Writing such science assignments requires us to be always updated. We must be aware of new scientific inventions and discoveries going on all over the world at every instant. In such cases, the Net comes in handy. Thus, keeping all updated information in our memory improves it and helps us to enhancelearningcapacity.

  • Frequent use of Net also gives us knowledge of computer and network system. In today’s world, learning computer helps a lot in theadvancement of IQ level.You must know‘How digital technology makes learning and teaching flexible.’

  • Mathematical assignments are another popular tool for enhancing intelligence. Mathematicsis the basis for all science and intelligence in this planet. There is mathematics behind every natural phenomenon and structure. So, the person who has got maths in his or her grip, their IQ level is bound to be better.

  • Maths assignments consist of problems and tricky sums which require agood amount of intelligence to be solved. They work as very good brain teasers. Racking your brains to solve tough maths question is equivalent to solving puzzles and playing Sudoku. Hence solving brainstorming mathsproblems will play avital role if you wish to improve your IQ.

Soit is clear that what exactly the role of doing home assignments is in thecase of improvement ofIntelligence Quotient.Parents should motivate their children for doing their regular assignments perfectly.

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