How to Be the Master in Accounting at the High School Level?

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Accounting acknowledges about how to keep records for a company systematically through which all transactions are recorded and understood. Students of accounting need to concentrate on various factors to understand and prepare different transactions. These transactions are essential to know the financial condition of a company and also to make decisions for future.

Different types of accounting are important for completing different tasks. If you think that this subject is very easy, then you are completely wrong, because it needs a vast knowledge when you practically face projects for a company. However, certain points may give you the confidence level.

Accounting is a vast subject, and thus it needs a lot of patience and concentration. So, when you have this in your school as a prime subject, then without thinking much you must start understanding the topics. This will enhance your ability of doing projects.

What are the exact points to understand in accounting or accounts?

Accounts need proper way of completing transaction. A number of concepts are essential for students to understand and to clear their views.  First of all you must know that this subject has some prime purposes in completing things.  One cannot understand with a single type as the course is vast. So, you must have knowledge about different types of accounting. It is also essential to know that accounting characteristics are very important for fulfilling motto. Now, when you are at the high school level you must concentrate on some proper things to get a good grip. Go though one by one points and understand the subject accordingly –

  • Purpose and objectives are essential to know

If you have this subject, then you must know its prime aim.  Each company needs proper record to understand the exact financial position of its business. So, purposes are –

  • Systematic records for business transactions.
  • Getting knowledge about loss or profit.
  • Meet different legal needs.
  • Proper control over the business.
  • Communicate financial result.
  • Knowing financial position and future plan accordingly.
  • It also helps in preventing fraud.

Now it is clear that why a student of high school level needs to learn and understand purpose of a business. However, transactions must be done accurately.

  • Understanding the requirement of various types in accounting

You must know that this has been classified in five different types –

  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Human Resource

Other than these above types, you will also know about inflation and government accounting.

  • End users of accounting information

Now, here is a very important question “Who are the actual users of this accounting information?” Now, do you know that who are interested in getting accounting information?

  • External
  • Internal

Now, it is necessary to know that external users and a hefty portion in the company are not able to access complete information. This is because all external users are only able to know what the condition of a business is in the competitive market. Managers of other companies, creditors, government, media and investors are prime external users.  Other than these, you may have trade unions, taxation authorities, stock market, political parties and proprietaries.

  • Advantages and limitations

It is always important to know the features of accounting. Moreover, if there are advantages, then there might be some limitations. Many students do not take care of limitations, but you cannot go beyond limitations. So, you must have appropriate knowledge about this.

  • Learn and understand all basics –

There are many terms which are very important for students to learn. If you do not understand these terms, then it will be very difficult for you to put them in balance sheet at the correct place.

It is also important for students to have proper knowledge that how to become expert in doing transaction. However, before understanding that you just need to know about – asset, debit, credit, debtor, creditor, liability, equity’s owner, profit, loss, capital, stock, gain, vouchers, gross profit, incomes, expenses, various types of assets, revenue and many other terms you must have in your book. You must go through these and then you will have a good grip over basic.

  • Understanding accounting equation properly

You must know that an accounting equation is very important for all. If you think of getting proper score in transaction section, then you must know the first and the initial equation. It is –

Assets = Capital + Liabilities

In this equation, you should know that the total value of liabilities along with capital of a business is known as asset. Now, if you have any problem in this, then you must find out any two variables, to find out the third one.

  • Understand the importance of accounting system

Primarily, there are three different types of accounting system and these are single entry, double entry and cash entry system. There is a huge difference between single entry and double entry system. All companies or corporate sectors use double entry system, but educations organizations, hospitals, religious institutes use cash system. Now, if you want to know more about accounting system, then you should work on various tasks to get a good grip over it.

  • Journal

Businesses need a proper entry in a book everyday. Books in which entries are done for the first time is called original entries and journal is one of them in which transactions are entered in date wise. Different transactions are entered for a large business according to need. These are known as subsidiary book. These are as follows –

  • Cash Book
  • Purchase book
  • Purchase return
  • Sales book
  • Sales return book
  • Bill receivable
  • Bills payable
  • Journal Proper

Now, when you are ready to do journals, then you must have exact knowledge about its advantage and its limitation.

Other than these above basic topics, you should have proper practice for different types of transactions as –

  • Cash Book
  • Journal
  • Ledger
  • Subsidiary book for Special purpose
  • Trial balance
  • Reconciliation statement
  • Rectification of errors

You must understand that why and where these entries are different. One more thing that many times accountants do some mistakes due to any reason, at that juncture errors occur. To rectify that you must rectify those errors. With the help of proper transaction you can easily understand the exact solution.

  • Understand fields of a transaction

When you start a transaction at the initial stage, then you must know what fields are there and how to fill them properly. You may have serial number, date, particulars, amount like credit amount and debit amount, ledger folio and narration. One more thing is assets that you fill in general equation may increase or decrease according to the various condition and changes take place in capital and liabilities. Impact on a company or business always depends on the liabilities and capital. Capital must be more than liabilities to get a good strength in a business. So understand this accurately before you do a transaction.

These are the basic terms that you should understand and wok for it. In case you are unable to understand, then you should contact to the experts or your seniors to make it easy to understand. Proper practice from the beginning is very important in accounts. Only a proper concentration on question will give you chance to make maximum score.

What are the basic factors that students do not go through?

  • Students must start leaning the terms from the day one –

If you have the mindset of getting maximum score, then you should take care of each term from the beginning. Accounting equations and other equations are very important. So, you must work on it from the beginning.

  • Practice every day –

You must practice everyday to overcome the problems. In case you do not follow this point, then it will be very difficult for you to do during examination. Most of the students practice at the very last moment and unable to complete it properly.

  • Solving transactions regularly –

Do you know that if you solve transaction at least two in a day on the regular basis, then you can easily grab the exact point of a transaction. This always gives you a confidence level in solving problems at anywhere and on any time.

  • Solve Assignments –

It is very necessary to solve assignments. If you do not complete homework and projects, then it will create difficulty and mess in your study. So, make a habit of doing work regularly.

  • Live projects for small business –

If you take work for small business, then it is very important to complete it properly. In case of any difficulty, you can easily contact to the experts.

It is essential to give a hundred percent effort on your work to be the master of that subject in school or college. Now, are working with the maximum effort? If you are not able to complete your work on time, then it will be very difficult to improve score. Online assistance is one of the most accurate options in which students take assistance.

Do you think online assistance give you accurate solutions always?

Many students opt for the online solution. Is this a correct option for them? You can say that students get hundred percent accurate answers. This is because the online help solutions for accounts are done by the experts. It becomes easier for the students to understand each solution. Moreover, these experts are highly qualified and thus they are able to solve out easily. One more thing is all writers are professional, and they are in practice. So, if anyone has any problem in solving, then they can easily get solution through experts.

You will enhance your representation as skill is very necessary for students in accounting. So, students can easily rely. However, many students think that they should not depend on experts each time, but you can rely, learn and practice to achieve your target as answers are completely accurate. One more thing is their facilities. All experts’ facilities are available through online service providers. You just need to select the right one for your accounting requirement.

What are the various facilities available for students when they opt for online assistance in accounting?

Students live in the world of internet, and they can easily get answers through it. However, it is also important that one cannot copy the same line. Many students copy and their answers are alike, which is not granted by the council. Now, what is the most essential thing you need to do? If you want to overcome difficulties, then you may opt for online facilities.

Online facilities are –

  • Students always get the most accurate solution according to their question and study level.
  • All answers are written by experts, so they are accurate and completely error free as no grammatical error and calculation error will be there.
  • Students can easily submit their assignments on time. Experts always maintain deadline and work accordingly.
  • The most accurate facility is all time service. A reliable online service provider does not provide limited time facility period, so students can easily apply 24 hours a day in all seven days a week.
  • Online class clears the doubts of students. If anyone is unable to understand a topic, then he can easily apply for online class according to schedule.
  • Charges are completely affordable. A service provider knows that students are needy, and if they get proper facilities, then they shall come again to clear their doubt. So, all services are complexly affordable.

Now, tis clear that what are the most important terms and topics that you should understand. It is also important to know that how to learn and get good score in accounts. Many students take this subject lightly and face difficulties during their examination or assessments. Now, if anyone is unable to complete their task or assignment or unable to understand any topic, then they can easily take online service according to their requirement.

If you face same problem, then you should opt for accounting assistance through online for a better outcome and to be the master in accounts. This will clear your doubt of why students opt for the online assistance.

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Nancie L Beckett is a well known professor in the Bentley University. She has done MS in accounting. She has more than six years of experience and she has written many blogs on different topics of accounting. She also provides online services to the students who apply. You can also take services any time if you face any problem in this subject.

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