How to Make Einstein and Newton Simpler and Easier to Understand?

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For Physics students, understanding the concepts of eminent physicists like Einstein and Newton — such as the Theory of Relativity and the Gravitational Theory is not easy.  Physics not only involves difficult concepts but mathematics as well, which makes the problems more complicated for students to fathom.

Following tips will help you to understand physic problems more easily:

  1. Dabble with numbers

Theories put forward by eminent physicists are often expressed through complex equations. You have to be capable of playing with numbers to improve your level of understanding some of the equations. Put a few values in the unit equations to become more comfortable with them. Visually imagine how significant the various components of the equation will be.

If possible, you should write a program so that you find it more convenient to manipulate the different variables. Once the exercise is completed, you have to check the equation to see every component with varied colors and sizes and retain them in your memory. This is similar to making an anatomical analysis of the equation.

  1. Check out the history of equations

When you encounter an equation, you should know about its history. You should find out all that was known already while formulating the equation. Before arriving at the equation, you should go through the entire process.

It includes the basic idea and all the experiments conducted for refining the same. This will allow you to understand the equation in-depth, and keep it in memory.

  1. Test equations in real-world scenarios

You will also have to check how the equations can work when they are implemented in real-world scenarios. Spending enough time in lab sessions is the best way to get an understanding. If you do not make yourself an expert in experiments, you will have issues in establishing a connection between actual physics and mathematical equations.

The linear algebra related with physics can be easier to understand for most students. However, a deeper understanding is possible only with a proper understanding of and expertise in lab experiments.

  1. Try to understand the situation properly

You have to understand all that is going on with the problem associated with concepts. Whether it comes to a ball that is free falling from a great height or a train that has to catch up with another within 1 hour, you have to consider problems in actual situations.

First, you have to figure out the actual context. There is no need for you to understand all the minute details. However, once you find out what you are generally dealing with, you will be able to know how you should formulate answer and types of equations that you need to use.

  1. Organize all the info

Word problems are difficult to understand due to the actual variables within them. In some cases, you will be provided with additional details that you will not actually require. In other cases, you will find variables. However, it is in the later part of equations that you will find their actual purpose.

For instance, in case, this question involves that of a vehicle begins to move from a rested position and takes 5 minutes for attaining a maximum speed of 20 mph, you need to write the basic variables down in the following way:

  • Initial Velocity — 0 mph
  • Final T — 5 minutes
  • Final Velocity — 20 mph
  • A = _?

You have to do this with entire information to get out of your question. It will allow you to see clearly the variables that are present before you, get the proper equation that you should use and check what you are actually missing. You can make problem simple and easier to understand and solve.

In case you assimilate information, you can deal with real physics problem more freely rather than going through text without comprehending it.

Consider formulas

  • It holds true for the majority of questions in Physics, particularly for lower level problems. As a Physics student, you do not have to devise revolutionary concepts.
  • However, you are expected to understand the reason behind the formulation of landmark physics concepts. You have to comprehend the concepts and make use of all tools that are available for you.
  • Formulas happen to be the most vital of the tools. Although memorizing relevant formulas is quite popular in practice, it is actually a terrible idea.
  • Most of the Physics students do not have many equations to memorize, and you can do with understanding them in-depth.
  • With a deep comprehending, you can ensure that you do not end up forgetting the formulas at any time. The more your understanding of the formulas, the less your chances of wrongly remembering them will be.
  • Arrange all the formulas before you. You should align your cheat sheet next to all your variables. You have to think about which formula you can fill up, leaving the minimum number of variables that are missing.
  • You have to consider what type of formula can actually help you in solving the question.
  1. Carefully go through the questions

Before you try to answer any question about the revolutionary concepts of Physics, such as Relativity, Gravity or Buoyancy, you should carefully go through the question. You have to understand actual situation and type of subject or subjects that the question actually related to. You should again go through the question and ensure that you clearly understand what you are supposed to find. If it is a question about a bouncing ball, you can be asked about:

  • Angle of Launch
  • Initial velocity or
  • Maximum height

You will have to vary your strategies a little in order to find each of these. Ensure that you know what you should do.

Before answering, you should also look for vital clues in the question. Many of the physics problems consist of vital pieces of information in the text itself.

For example, when it concerns a car starting from rest, you have to deal with “0” initial velocity. Two items that fall from the roof of a building might show different behavior in falling in case the two are connected to each other.

Carefully go through your question, and do not just glance at it. Otherwise, you might end up missing important pieces of information.

  1. Practice as much as possible

Practice makes one perfect, and it holds as true for Physics concepts as anything else in life. The more your practice equations and problems, the more you will be able to spot errors in your answers. With more experience, you will also develop the knowledge and understanding of which techniques would work the best. You can self-teach yourself about how varied sets of questions can be approached.

The more you practice, the less will be the time you would need for recognizing the most effective way to solve problems. You will also gain more familiarity with the formulas.

Finally, you should approach Physics with a relaxed mindset. Concepts and equations did not land on Einstein, Newton and other physicists from the sky. You have to understand the context, read the equations and practice problems as much as possible to understand concepts more easily.

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