How to Motivate Students in Classroom

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Sometimes even the best teacher and access to the best resources fails to motivate students in every way. Motivation is an art that every teacher must know to grab the attention of their students and help them to achieve positive goals. Motivation can further be classified into intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. The teachers play a vital role in developing motivation among their students.

So even the best teacher can lack the skill of developing motivation in students. If you are a teacher you must follow the given steps to motivate your students:

  • Mention the objectives first

Your subject might sound too boring if you are not clear about your objectives to students. It is very necessary for the students to learn the objectives first before they learn the subjects in-depth. Try to make the objectives more interesting so that it create interest among students and let them adhere to it to gain more information.

  • Makes the environment threat free

Try to make the class environment threat free. It has been proved that when teachers are creating a safe environment by being polite and supportive to them rather than chastising them for their shortcomings, the students gets more motivated in class and try to follow them on a regular basis.

  • Rewards are best

Whether you are young or old, a reward is something that always brings smiles to your face.The reward is one of the powerful weapons that can create strong motivation among students. It helps the students to accomplish their achievements.

  • Make your students bear certain responsibilities

Assigning certain work to your students is an amazing way to build a sense of responsibility in them. In this way students not only become responsible but also put all their efforts to meet your expectations. This gives them the feelings that they are important to you and are valued.

  • Move yourself

A classroom is considered to be a great place of learning where students learn new things and learn to develop their quality by eliminating their weaknesses. So just sitting on your desk and chair, giving lectures throughout the day is just not a good idea. You can create interest in them by conducting debate session, quiz session or take your students outdoor and make them learn through nature.

  • Keeps experimenting

The nature of students varies from one another, so every student does not like the same way of teaching. Some will like to follow their books whereas some will like to read in groups. All you have to do is mix all this and blend into one learning style so that every student gets equally motivated.

  • Competition do work

There are many who do not tend to take competition in good spirit. But competition can do wonder if it is use in a proper way. It keeps on motivating the students to give their best efforts and excel in class. Always try to conduct friendly competition in class just like group games or any other related activities.

Even the best students can ruin their future due to lack of motivation, so a teacher should always give priority to motivation to add feathers in their cap.

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