How to Study All the Subjects Simultaneously by Interrelating Them?

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Education is a part of human growth whose primary aim is to develop a complete human being. Hence, we need a compilation of various subjects to actually make up a complete individual. However, it is quite a difficult task to actually manage all the subjects at the same time.

For those who have a problem, how about making a combined study? What I mean is, how about making all the subjects being combined with each other and jointly studied?

It is quite a marvel that how every subject has a connection with other, and can help in development of another subject. All one has to do is to find out where that string of connection rests in and how one can put those together, and thereby make a combined study.

To find out the correct connection:

It is very important that one should know which connection is lead where. Say for example, a student takes up a specific literary text. Before continuing with it, he or she should at least be aware of the backdrop against which this was being composed.

Once the backdrop is known, dealing with the whole text becomes quite easy. Also, what is important is in this manner, the students can try to connect those topics which might come together.

It is to be noted that every subject has evolved from a base, which at one point of time is same for all. Hence, the student should first catch the main base that is joining all these fundamentals. Only then, the basic concept can be sorted.

How can we connect?

It is to be noted that certain subjects such as literature, history, political knowledge and economics have an interconnection among themselves. Covering all of it is the subject geography, which helps in binding them together.

This is simply because, thanks to the geographical domain of that area, the historical factors have affected the place to a great extent. Based on this the politics have developed and economy has progressed. On all these factors have writers taken up the initiative to compose literary texts. Thus, one finds the connection very much present.

Practical application of this:

  • The student should start with the most comprehensive of all subjects. That subject which holds the most significant amount of all the subjects should be started first. In this way, the student can stream down to other subjects, and go into the base.
  • Say for example, if a person starts with a literary text, then he or she can read back its historical perspective. In this way, the historical conditions that were prevailing there can be studied. Since history is related to politics, so political knowledge can be gained about the sociological conditions and finally how it affects the economy of that place. Thus, a whole era can be covered.
  • Students can actually go ahead and make notes on that specific era to make the process of final revision all the more easier. In this manner, at the last moment a person has a fall back option.

What is important is, students all over the world can follow this procedure, since the whole context of interlinking is the same for all the countries across the globe.

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