How to Study the Night Before the Exam Day

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Are you worried about exams?

Do you have an exam tomorrow? But still you are hitting the books looking after the text and notes? Are you stressed out or thinking how to manage everything properly during exam within the allotted time? Don’t worry you are at right place and we are going to give you some excellent tips to lessen your burden and create a stress-free environment around you instead of cramming in the eleventh hour. Keep reading this article to discover some unique methods to beat exam stress a night before the exam.

Reasons behind exam-stress

Even the students with highest grade have to face the stress before exam. Worthless to explain that exams are most stressful as well as a hard nut to crack. As everything has certain reasons behind it, so stress also has a reason behind it. Exam stress is mainly due to lack of self-confidence, or you are not well-prepared to face the exam.

Scientists have come out with some hidden facts that cause stress before exams:

  • Peer pressure.
  • No or less motivation.
  • Higher expectations from parents.
  • Improper time management.
  • Unable to identify one’s own strengths and weakness.

10 most unique ways how you can beat exam stress and prepare a night before exam

  • Give enough space to your mind

Keep all your books and notes aside. The night before an exam is not the time to cram your study notes. It is a perfect time to relax and give enough space to your mind. Do remember your brain is a machine and it needs some rest to work in a productive way. Meditation is the best way to relax your brain both physically as well as mentally to minimise exam stress just a night before exam.

  • Find proper peaceful study area

Find a peaceful and comfortable area to study. The place should not be much comfortable like couch or bed as such places will make you fall asleep. Try to study in a place which is well lighted. Turn off all the distractions like switch off your mobiles, turn off the internet and keeps your mind all away from computer games. If you sum up all these distractions, you can find a huge wastage of time.

  • Avoid focussing on little details

You are advised to concentrate on the important facts rather than leaning towards least important facts. Go through all the important topics that you find it important for exams or your teachers have marked it important. For instance: in Science it is better to revise the scientific phenomenon or terminologies. Go through the summary at the end of each chapter or go through study notes of your teachers or professors.

  • Read aloud so that your ear could listen to each words

When you are reading your lessons loudly, your brain could accept it in a much easier way than mind reading. If your eyes are just going through texts, you will probably remember little. In another way you can also discuss with your friends as it has been scientifically proved that transformation of information to other individual ensure you that you are well equipped with the topics.

  • Frequent breaks

You must admit that your brain has certain limits and are not able to process series of information at a time, so you need to take breaks after certain time. It is a myth that the more you study, the more you can store information in your brain, but the actual fact is that the less you study, the more you can retain information in your brain and that is the reason you are always advised to start early before the final day. It is always advisable to take a break after 45 minutes, have some snack, stretched your body and back again to study.

  • Calm down

The majority of students are failing to beat the exam blues which in turn makes them to performpoor in exam. It is always suggested to keep yourself cool rather than making yourself worried about exams. It will not create any positive aura around you rather it will lower your self-confidence. Excess stress will not allow you to get good grades; in fact, it will lower your confidence level.

  • Listen to some soft music

You might be thinking how will soft music will enhance your grade? Music has some miraculous effect on human beings. With soft music, you can easily release your pressure and make the environment much lighter and reduce your stress level. Music uplifts your memorizing power and makes you face exams in a much better way.

  • Eat healthy

Many students keep cramming the whole night without taking proper food, but lack of appetite will not make you get better marks, in fact, it will fill your mind with anxieties that are harmful for exams. It is also advisable to have healthy food. Try to avoid junk food before exams. Sugar helps you to get instant energy.

  • Revise, Revise and Revise

You are going to face exam the very next morning so you should always avoid loading your brain with new information just the night before the exam. Just revise the texts that you have already learned and read all the information related to it instead of mugging up the lessons that you have not prepared before. It will just increase your confusion rather than minimising your stress.

  • Plenty of sleep

Take plenty of sleep before exams. Avoid late night studies and go to bed as early as possible. You are almost done so just be confident, relax, throw out all your worries and lost yourself in sleep to rise early morning. Try to get up 45 minutes earlier before going to give exams and just move your eyes through the highlighted part of your textbook and get set go.

Above all the mentioned points the key point that you should stick it in your mind is that don’t get panic. Instead if you are feeling tired before exams just take a shower with Luke-warm water and here you go to fight back the exam blues.

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