How to Win the Topics for Debate Competition in English?

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So, you have been selected for the debate competition? That’s really awesome! Yeah I know that having been selected for the debate competition is not easy and you have to focus on keeping up your and academic reputation.

It’s really funny if anyone says that I don’t want to participate in the debate. This shows the incapability of the person and also not ready to handle the pressure.

There are many topics for debate competition in English, but it absolutely depends on your teacher what he/she wishes to choose. But, make sure never become an escapist as this will not add any benefit to the academic life.

Debating can enable a person to develop various abilities such as reasoning skill, polish the speaking skills and also ensure that proper research is performed. So if you wish to stay ahead t is important to keep few things in mind.

There are actually three main elements of debate and make sure that each element does its job beautifully. These elements are the three M i.e., matter, method and manner.

So, what signifies Matter. It is something that you say to the audience. The argument that you establish, matter is about it.

The arguments should be supported with proper evidence so that it becomes convincing for the audiences. It’s not possible to forcefully convince anyone when it comes to debating. If you are not capable of standing against the counter arguments, then no matter how good you speak, it won’t be convincing. Make sure that the thought supports the arguments.

Topics for debate competition in English can be a painful task, but having substance to it can be really an easy technique to impress.

The second M stands for Method. It deals with which way you present the argument.

The method involves everything, in which you put things together. Is your speech in the right order? Ensure that the arguments have the continuity and does not jumble up with each other. Being a part of the team, try to maintain the sync with each other.

The third M is Manner which indicates on how you present the whole argument.

There are different techniques available and each speaker has their own way of delivering thoughts. But, make sure to be highly convincing and engage listeners. By the way, while debating, you make eye contact? If not, then definitely you are on the wrong track.

Try to make eye contact with the audience to read their facial expression. Don’t be too quick with your argument. It is important to reach the listeners to hold their interest.

While discussing the topics for debate competition in English make sure to adopt style that suits you. Making an inappropriate joke on the subject matter can lead to losing of debate. So, you better be very careful!

Debate competition is really a sincere attempt to enhance the underlying skills of students. Participating on the debate has also helped me a lot and till date I cherish those skills. It’s not limited to improving the public speaking ability, but also help in developing critical thinking and research work.

It is said, “Practice makes man perfect”, so whenever you are assigned with a debating topic. Make sure to practice it with complete dedication.

Understand the ways to win the debate competition                            

Topics for debate competition in English can be tough, but the sincere effort can lead to success. At the end of the day everyone wants to win the competition. I am sure you will also wish for the same.

Now, what if you get some magic in hand and easily win the debate? I am sure there is no magic in the world that would do wonders, but definitely having few strategies in mind can help to win the competition.

Though I can’t promise you the 100% effectiveness of the strategy, but definitely you can try them out and understand whether it really works for you!

  • To start with the debate, make sure to gather all your confidence. Take a deep breath and start with your argument!

The topics for debate competition in English will ask students to be prepared with the topic assigned. Doing maximum research related to topic and writing down the notes will give an edge to the debate competition.

Emphasize on memorizing the important and valid points and remember not to take stress. Have complete control on your nerves, or there is the possibility of making a fuss in the competition.

  • How is the audience? Make sure research work on the audiences too!

The audiences is not only who would be in the public and just listen to the argument, but your audiences would also include the panel of judges. To convince them maintain proper gestures and postures. It is important to interact with audiences.

  • Focus on the introduction on the topic. It is the main essence of debate topic!

Topics for debate competition in English will start with introducing yourself to the audiences. The debate should come up with a general introduction and make sure to deliver it in clear and firm voice so that it is audible to everyone.

If you are responsible for starting the debate always take the opportunity to create the best impression and have a long lasting impact on audiences with striking introduction.

Why not emphasize on strengthening the research skills?

Half of the battle is actually behind the scenes and you need to spend hours to win the battle. Before stepping on the stage there is enormous amount of labor given by students. The best orator can be in the middle of a disastrous situation, if proper research work is not done.

Lacking facts and figures can lead you nowhere! Topics for debate competition in English can be won only if you are well-prepared with the argument. Confidence can definitely help you win half of the battle, but make sure that the content is really crisp and logical. The power of the content would finally help you win the entire battle.

Focus on the counter argument, to make sure that you can easily create logic against your opposition.

Following these will surely help to win the competition and create a mark in mind of audiences.

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