How to Write a Dissertation on Critical Introduction to Novel

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How to write a dissertation on a novel can be complex for students. The term novel has been derived from Italian Novella which meant compact and realistic prose. It has been considered as a work that would be grounded in reality.

The earlier world of a novel has been termed as prose tale, and there has been writing by Boccaccio titled Decameron that has enthused writers like Shakespeare.

Then novel writing started getting more natural, and that has been in the Greek heroes.

Types of novels that student should understand

Picaresque novels are those types of novels that would deal with misadventures of a young man. The young man would be a person who would be having questionable character. The structure example can be said as that of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

Detective novel is a part of intriguing work by detectives to open out the suspense surrounding crimes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels on Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie are examples of this type of novels.

Gothic novels are the eerie type of novels that have supernatural things attached to it, and it includes the Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley.

Utopian novel means the world is presented as a sweet place and all characters are good. Thomas Mores utopia was pivotal for this genre. The opposite of the genre has been the Dystopian which was well illustrated in George Orwell’s nineteen eighty-four.

Slinger has said about the catcher in the rye in what was termed as a better psychological thriller. Herman Hesse’s Demian is another novel that has been associated with this genre.

Dickens Oliver twist has dealt with social issues about that time, and social novels genre was started after that.

Walter Scott came out with Ivanhoe and Rob Roy that has been described as a historical novel.

Constituents of a novel that a student should know

Aristotle first used the term plot, and this was done when discussing components of a tragedy. A combination of incidents and events that occurs in a story is what defines a plot. A story is what reader thinks in mind after reading.

The plot is a strategy that is used by the writer to develop a story. When we write King died, and queen died that means story and when we mean kind died, and queen died of grief that is a plot.

There are strategies that are used by a novel writer like exposition, complication, climax, and denouncement in a novel to attract readers to it. Exposition is the method by which the main character is introduced to the reader.

A complication is used to change the trend. A climax is the crisis and denouncements are the solving of climax.

A tragic plot, comic plot, satire plot and romantic plot are the four types of plots that are used.

Character and characterization of a novel

A novel writer can portray a character based on the interests and reader can understand the character growth. Flat characters are usually two dimensional, and they do not grow as the novel proceeds. The typical example would be the Mr.Sqeers and Mr.Micawber of Oliver Twist.

Round characters have many traits, and they are sketched in detail. There are stock characters like the soldiers, and soon that would develop as the novel progresses.

Telling is a method, and showing is another method whereby which characterization unfolds. Telling means the novelist would describe the traits and showing means the reader can draw inferences when they read.

Narrative strategies

There is a first-person narrative, and that would mean that a person would say the story based on his or her belief and all other characters would come into play. There are multiple person narrative and second person narratives along with third person narrative.

There can be a central theme to a novel, and in Charles Dickens Oliver Twist the central theme is the exploitation of orphaned children, and there is lack of quality education and role of thieves that come into play.

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