How To Write An Essay: Follow These Tips And Be A Pro!

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Are you impulsive by nature or you weigh things with a practical edge and never leave rationality behind?  If you are thinking why this question, then let us tell you that those who raise their hands up for being impulsive, must learn the art of planning and be more rational in their approach to life. And those who have answers in the affirmative for being rational have a direct connection with how they plan their academic.

Here our concern is the students, the building pillars of the nation. Essay writing is one of the key things that no students can avoid in their academic life. Whether you have it in your or not, mastering the nuances of writing a good essay is crucial. Read on how to write an essay:

Be a good researcher: There are no two ways about it!

No essay can be a good one if you are not able to cling to credible resources and based on your topic conduct a good research. Weigh the topic in hand from all angles to come to the thesis statement.

To begin the process, pump up yourself with confidence and believe in yourself that you can. Invest a good amount of time in researching and when you are able to take the best call as to what resources you will use and what you will discard, it goes a long way in helping you to write a good essay.

Make the best plan

Do you always feel how Sarah manages to plan things so neat and effective? Well, there is no need fret or frown upon a virtue that someone else possesses and you too can! Just have patience, don’t act hasty and without reeling under the burden of how to complete the essay, plan in a step by step procedure.

Please note you must not forget the breaks!  Munching on some good snacks, listening to music, refreshing up your mind with what you like to do, can prove to be the best practice that you must not avoid!

Practice time management

When you are trying to practice time management, the first thing that you need to do is find out your own strong points and weak points that you know the best about yourself when trying to deal with assignments. If you are good with researching, then spend less time in that and devote more in making the outlines of the essay. Before you ponder over how to write an essay, get hold of some different colored pens, draw timetables and you will be good to go!

Pay attention to the writing part

Are you always lacking the concentration and getting stuck after writing a paragraph or so? Are your thoughts getting muddled up in the middle when you start writing?

Or is it happening that you have a lot of ideas on your mind, but some are evaporating mid-way while the rest you cannot express?

Well, follow the tips below and save yourself from the essay-writing woes!

  • Sketch an outline of your ideas. You should follow the inverted pyramid pattern and place your collected ideas in this way so that the facts and information get prioritized in the right way.
  • Argue and counter-argue with the essay topic that you are writing keeping in mind the thesis statement so that your essay gets the right depth.
  • Write the introduction in a very catchy way so that it compels the readers to read and flow smoothly from one paragraph to the other! An intro should be like a hook, offering a pulling effect of the readers.
  • The body of the essay should contain the main points of the arguments that you need to probe and explore in depth.
  • There should be clarity in your thoughts, expression and writing and this one of the best things to keep in mind while thinking about how to write an essay
  • When ideas are free-flowing, do not restrict yourself, first write and then bring out the editing scissor. Following this process means you do not lose out on any idea, but prune and trim those ideas that go out of shape.
  • Give a proper conclusion!
  • Revise. Revise. (This is a must for perfecting things!!)
  • Proofread with a keen eye that of a Kingfisher!!

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