How To Write An Essay Introduction In 3 Easy Steps- Is It Possible Or Not?

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In our academic days, we all have gone through that part of the year where we were asked to submit assignments.

We all know how tough it was to complete an essay within the deadline. The reality is the task of writing a piece is very simple if we follow some simple rules.

The first thing that we need to stop doing is procrastinate and think of ways to push the deadline.

Why is it so difficult for a student to complete an essay?

In this blog, we will try to provide our readers with some tips to complete the essay assignment on time, and also teach our readers How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps. The introduction to a piece is always very essential as it sets the tone for the entire article. The attention of a reader needs to be grabbed by the neck in these few introductory lines; this is why in our blog we will tell How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps.

A writer must also keep this in mind that having a proper introduction is not at all sufficient. The essay should be informative and supported by accurate scientific facts in the case of research journals. In the case of autobiographies, the writer enjoys a little bit of freedom in comparison to technical papers.

In the case of research or technical papers, a student must always prefer books instead of the internet. We all are well aware of how dependent we have become on the internet. As his peers have already used the internet; if he uses a book the uniqueness of the paper increases by quite some degree. In the tutorial of How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps, we are also trying to cover some fundamental bases about writing an essay.

We all know it is not possible to buy some expensive books for a single research essay, it is the best one get himself enrolled in some local library. The enrollment fee is not that high, and the person receives a vast amount of information at his disposal. In the case of autobiography, a person does not need to run to a library instead he needs to outline his essay.

The practice of writing an outline is helpful for both technical and biographies essays, but for bios, it is a must. In the sketch, the student can write down all the necessary incidents that happened in his life which he wishes to include in the article.

Once done with all the essential episodes, he needs to categories each of them in different sections. To make things simpler, in a white page make some columns and arrange all the good experiences in one column, the bad in another, and failures which molded him into a better person in the third.  In our How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps tutorial, we will provide a separate introductory paragraph for both bios and technical essays.

The method of How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps:

The introductory paragraph of any form essay should neither be very long nor very short. The introduction should be long enough to spark initial interest in the reader’s mind and small enough to force the reader to proceed further.

  • When it comes to writing an introduction for technical papers, start the article by providing awestruck scientific fact to blow your readers mind. The point must be unique and unheard of this will serve the purpose of grabbing the reader’s attention quickly.
  • In the introduction as far as research paper is concerned stick to formal language. It is because when it comes to academic writing, there are specific guidelines which a reader must follow when it comes to writing format.
  • If the writer does not have any unique facts at his disposal, the other trick which he can use is starting the essay with a question. The question should be good enough to provoke thought in the reader’s mind. The writer should keep in mind that the subject should be related to his topic.
  • In the case of bios, the writer can try using informal language as the objective of an autobiography is to create a bridge between the reader and writer. The writing of a bio should be inspiring enough to motivate his readers to proceed further. As we have already said earlier in this blog of How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps, the writer enjoys more freedom.
  • In the introductory paragraph try finishing it with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is good enough to be used in both types of essays. The work of the thesis statement is to provide the readers with an idea regarding in the assignment in one sentence. It also helps to control the concept in the paper.

For,E.g.,A wrong thesis statement is “Reading can develop a child’s analytical mind.”

We are considering it a bad one as the term “can” is not strong enough to defend your topic, instead if we write “Reading helps to develop a child’s analytical mind by fostering comprehension skills, increasing vocabulary, and exposing them to the new world which they might not encounter otherwise.

The statement is strong enough, and it will help the writer to defend his paper confidently.


Here is our small attempt to teach our dedicated readers How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3 Easy Steps; we hope that all the fundamental bases are covered in this blog to make things easier for our students. If any student still finds it difficult to write an essay, he can simply get in touch with any of the popular writing service agencies which can be of great help. They charge a very reasonable amount for their service. The writers who work for these agencies are well qualified to do the task. The student needs to register in one such writing agency, and pay the service charge; the work gets delivered within the deadline. These agencies operate on a 24×7 basis and have a reputation of delivering the work within the deadline.

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