How to Write Critical Analysis Essay: The Entire Process Explained for You

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The critical essay will usually include analysis of a particular book or film or even painting. The main objective of this kind of paper is to provide an interpretation of a particular text and present everything in a totally different light.

The critical analysis of a book, for example will be including a commentary on the tone of the text and how that influences meanings of that text. The analysis of a film on the other hand can explain recurring occurrences of themes. If you are looking for how to write critical analysis essay, then this article will help you immensely.

Preparing yourself for the essay

Firstly, you have to ensure that you understand your assignment properly. After you have been told of your assignment, you need to go through the different guidelines and clarify anything that you may not understand.

You need to thereafter critically read the information you have to work on. You have to make yourself familiar with the text or movie first to be able to judge it perfectly.

If you wish to learn how to write critical analysis essay, you start taking notes right from the very beginning. There are few questions that need to be clarified from your notes such as main idea, purpose of that particular text etc.

Doing research

The next thing you need to do is to find out secondary sources mentioning your topic. You can find them in your guidelines or as your teacher about where you will find the secondary sources of information. There are lots of books, articles and journals which are trustworthy in nature. You can make a search on the internet or even use the libraries at your college. There are lots of free articles available online that you can use easily.

Your research will form the cornerstone for developing your essay into something extraordinary. Careful attention therefore needs to be paid while doing this research.

Starting with the essay

When you look forward to how to write critical analysis essay, then you need to be advised about developing a temporary thesis first. After you have developed primary ideas, you need to go through the primary source of information thoroughly. You have to be always ready to develop a thesis statement for yourself. This will form the main portion of your paper. It presents the general idea about your critical analysis.

There is a requirement for adequate amount of details. You have to be very specific in describing various elements of your essay. The thesis statement can also be placed at the end of the essay, or as your instructor tells you to do.

Developing an outline

Your research notes will help you in developing suitable outline for your essay. The benefit of writing this outline is that, it will help you in organizing all the information in an effective manner. Your outline can be detailed or small, dependent on you. The more details you have more will be stuffs you will be having for putting inside your paper. You need to number these points too, for better comprehension later on. A link needs to be maintained between everything you are mentioning in your analysis.

Beginning the essay

The beginning of your essay is really important in nature and most people wanting to know how to write critical analysis essay, often stumble at this point. The introduction that you provide needs to immediately delve into the main topic of analysis. You should not begin your essay with any of the clichéd beginnings.

You can always include a fact, figure or anecdote to make things very clear for everyone. The main viewpoint of yours needs to be clarified in the beginning of the essay itself. Statistics always help in convincing your reader to your viewpoint.

Provide lots of information

When you are providing background information for your essay, you are helping your readers to navigate through your piece. If you provide relevant content, then readers are bound to appreciate your analysis. The information that your readers are looking for needs to be provided at the correct position.

These things are difficult to maintain at all times hence people look for online help when composing analysis based essays. You should not be providing any irrelevant information inside your essay. If your analysis is about a book, then you must obviously include author’s name as well as a short summary.

Utilize the body properly

The body of your critical analysis needs to discuss very specific parts of the book or movie. There is no use speaking of multiple things in one paragraph of your review. At the beginning of the paragraph, you can include a particular claim. The claim that you make, will then be supported with an example.

A conclusion for your analysis needs to be developed thereon. However, before you write your conclusion, you need to spend some time reflecting what you have written. These things are quite complex and subjective in nature. Thus students are mostly seen seeking ideas about how to write critical analysis essay.


It is very important for you to revise your essay to a certain extent before making your final submission. You can do this by taking a break of a few days and revising the draft of the essay. The break that you take, will obviously help you to gain a new perspective into what you have written.

This is the way you come to know how to write critical analysis essay properly. You must therefore begin writing your essay a little before the deadline, in order to revise properly.

Many times students after writing a really long analysis tend to make mistakes in analyzing the piece. Hence a proper revision removes all unwanted elements and logic present in your essay. In your writing, the main point needs to be defined very clearly. All parts of your paper must have a certain connection to your thesis. This is how to write critical analysis essay, and gain praise from everybody.

After this comes the process of proof reading. All embarrassing typos and other such mistakes get corrected by use of proof reading. All minor errors need to be corrected in order to get a spotless analysis in place.

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