How to Write Essay on Twentieth-Century English literature and Virgina Woolf style

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“How to write essay on twentieth-century English literature would be baffling for many students.”

This century has been rated as one of the most influential and most traumatic centuries. The time frames of this century would begin from modernism. Modernism is considered as one of the periods in which there was a rejection of 19th-century renaissance.

Literature produced during the world wars has been referred to modern period literature.

The broad sense of topic

Europe had lost many talented writers during the World war first and that included Owen and Macke. There has been an artist who has published works from the trenches and Owen had produced a magazine called Hydra.

A strong neglected portion of women poem has also been recorded during this period, and there has been a poem that has covered the healing of wounded persons and nursing of wounded persons. Huxley has stated the hopelessness of the writers during those periods. His novel point-counterpoint has elaborated on this issue of hopelessness during the war period.

Lawrence was another writer who has written pieces of cold materialism and intellectualism. James Joyee has been the experimental and unorthodox and his novel Ulysses has been based on Greek mythology.

Art and culture in the twentieth century

There has been a progressive artist that has supported the political revolution and Picasso has answers to modernist dream. Assume that the student has been asked about to write about women-centric writings and one cannot ignore the writings of Virgina Woolf.

Virgina Woolf has published Jacob Room in the year 1922, and it was a runaway success. The protagonist Jacob has been killed in the First World War. There has been a criticism of the novel that it lacked plot. Elliot had praised Virgina Woolf, and she has been considered as one of the exponents of modern literature.

A traditional approach to fiction was seen by Virgina Woolf, and it was Mrs. Dalloway in 1925.Crosscurrents of sophisticated social life has been part of this novel, and it has been considering as a runaway success.

The lighthouse has been published in the year 1927, and there has been a focus on travelling. The novel has been divided into three parts, and first part describes the happy part with the second part stating the sad thing that occurs to a family. The final part describes the way family is reunited.

Orlando came in the year 1928 and was considered as a playful fantasy. The gender inequality and the issues of patriarchy were discussed in detail in this novel and were considered as a letter written to love a friend.

A room of one’s own has been considered a classic from the feminist point of view came in the year 1929.

A room of her own and money is the thing that a woman needs for writing fiction is one of the best statements that has been written in that novel. The psychological and social factors that hinder women writing have been best elaborated.

The waves are a novel that had a peculiar feature. This included that characters started speaking in their inverted commas and that was shown as expressing their inner feelings. These inner feelings were not meant as speaking to others.

The common reader was a critical point of essays that got published in 1932.

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