Hush Techniques to Revise for Exam in Last 30 Minutes

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Exam creates a fear in the mind of even a bright student also so there is no need to get scared, you just need to follow the hush techniques to revise for an exam in last 30 minutes.

  • Start revision early:

Wake up early in the morning without wasting any kind of practise time. So that you had a healthy bite with a cup of tea of early morning and start with your first session of revision.

  • Avoid any kind of distractions:

When you were doing a revision, make it in a silent atmosphere without turning off the television or using your cell phone or chatting with friends. Lesser the distractions, best will be the way to do revisions.

  • Prepare a cheat sheet:

One night before the exam, prepare a cheat sheet in which cover only bit information by making use of small diagrams, mnemonics. It just helps in avoiding the reading full books at the time of making last revision. It is the best way to do memorising in the last few minutes before you are going to appear for an exam.

  • Make your important notes as phone lock screen:

Any topic that you are finding difficult to remember, you can have that particular topic as your phone lock screen so when whenever you keep an eye on your phone, you get it revised especially 30 minutes before the exam.

  • Not only read books as a form of last minute revision:

Last minute revision can never be helpful especially when you are doing revision for an exam at University level. One must take a test of your’s own with cheat sheets, past year exam papers, discussing with friends which will add variety to one’s revision.

  • One must take frequent breaks:

Do not do any revisions without giving rest as it will make your brain tired. Non studies will never help in storing the facts related to an exam in your mind. Frequent break intervals will be always good.

  • Avoid taking stress at the time of doing last minute revisions:

One need to have a positive attitude when appearing for an exam and not feel stressed about those topics which you are not able to keep stored in your mind.  Just take a deep breath, relaxed your mind.

  • Revision time table:

For doing everything mentioned above on time is to make a proper time table of revision with an inclusion of short breaks. Stick to your revision schedule if you wish to keep the last revision of your exam.

  • Doing a few minutes physical activity before starting a last minute revisions:

Prefer to do some kind of physical exercises which will help in getting oxygen reaches directly to the brain and lead to increase in the productivity.

  • Find a silent place to last minute revision:

When you are doing especially last revision must find a place which is extremely silent. It can be your room or somewhere in a school or college to avoid distractions.

  • Add spice to your revision:

You can use different colors in the form of highlighters to important points in your notes. It is always being that colorful notes are an easy task to memorise rather than notes which made for black pen and white paper.

  • Solve last year papers as a part of last 30 minutes revision:

When you are doing a revision, do it with the help of last year exam papers. There are questions in the paper and you need to find orally the answers of the same. When you find answers to more questions it will boost up the confidence level of student.

It is one of the best ways to do a revision. In doing those exam papers they often get a chance of some question repeated in the student’s exam paper. It will help in getting good grades and scores.

  • Make only notes in the summary form:

It is also the best way if doing the exam and at the last time of exam it is not possible to read the text books. It makes a person feel stressed. Reading few papers is always better to read full-fledged books. It only creates a sense of fear and confusion in one’s mind and it should be avoided. Last minute revision is always about reading the main points and one should get stick on the same.

  • Reward yourself at the time of doing revision:

One not prefers to do non-stop studies. Set your own target of revision and divide it on the frequent intervals. When you completed a certain deadline for a revision of particular topic then reward yourself with those things that will help in your mind refreshed for further revisions.

  • Make use of certain signs and symbols:

When you are preparing for exam then set symbols or signs for every topic of which you can. It helps in memorising in last minutes of exam. For example make use of the pie charts, table or some bullet points to do so. You can also make computer presentation of your course in a short form and then transfer it your phone. After that you can easily go through the entire course in just 30 minutes.

  • One can also take a help of other people to do last minute revisions:

You can take help of other people including your friends and family to help you in doing revision. They will ask certain questions from you and then you will answer accordingly. It is a quick way of doing the revision.

If you follow all these tips, then it will be no longer a daunting task to do revision of lengthy courses. Revision can be done easily within 30 minutes without creating any kind stress in the mind of student. After revision in a relaxing mode a student can appear for an exam.

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