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The difficulties in chemical sciences can only be understood by its students. To a layman, a chemist is kind of cool. But, to that chemist, his own life can be a real nightmare.

But, what is the trouble with this subject? Why do its students go looking for chemistry assignment answers? Come let us find out.

First of all, we need to understand the subject itself. What is chemistry? The study of chemical properties and electronic bonding of matter, involving molecular level of interactions, is known as chemical sciences or chemistry.

This simple definition of chemistry may not be much appealing or comprehensive for learners. They might need more insights and examples. So, here it comes!

There are so many materials that you find around yourselves. But, they are not all in pure forms or states. Why not and how are they clubbed together with impurities?

The answer is given and analysed by the concerned subject here. How are two pure materials or elements obtained in a mixture? Is this mixture easily separable and if not, why?

Learn about this definition and aims of studying chemistry and it will reflect on your chemistry assignment answers. Now, having learnt about the main objectives, one can easily move on to further details.Let us now brief up the subject properly.

Realm of Chemical Sciences

Key concepts in this topic are molecules and atoms. What is a molecule and what are atoms?Physical sciences provide ready made definitions.

  • A molecule is the smallest division of matter that has all properties as the matter as a whole.
  • An atom is the smallest division of matter that has only all physical properties of the bulk, but not its chemical properties.

Smart students will readily conclude that atoms are smaller than molecules and dividing a molecule will give atoms. But, even these smart students sometimes are required to find chemistry assignment answers. It is because, this subject is not just about molecules or atoms, or about being smart!

Structure of atom is an equally significant chapter here, as it is in physics. What lies there inside an atom? Here is a list of subatomic particles, often termed as fundamental particles.

  • Protons —

They carry a positive charge and are located in a very small region in the atom, known as the nucleus.

  • Neutrons —

They are electrically neutral, i.e. they carry zero charge and are located in the nucleus, along with the protons.

  • Electrons —

They are negatively charged particles that move about around the nucleus making up the entire size of the atom.

Amongst these the former two takes to part in chemical reactions. Only the electrons and its states determine chemical properties of the atom or molecule, concerned. That is why studying electronic configurations is so very important in this subject, especially to write chemistry assignment answers.

Next comes the idea of chemical reactions. Due to energy instability of certain number of electrons, atoms of most elements are in search of another, where there is scope of donating or accepting electron(s) and becoming stable. This is basically the main reason behind chemical composition of two atoms.

This can be well understood by an example. Hydrogen (H) atom needs to give up one electron to be stable, whereas Chlorine atom (Cl) requires one electron to attain stability. This makes H and Cl a perfect pair.

To stabilize, H can give up one of its extra electron to Cl atom that accepts it to attain stability. But, now Cl is negatively charged and H is positive. Due to electrostatic attraction, H and Cl come together and form Hydrogen chloride, HCl.

Similar logics are applicable to formations of Sodium chloride (NaCl), Water (H2O), etc. But these are mere introductory reactions. The true complicacies of reactions will be found later in this subject and that is why chemistry assignment answers are searched for, then.


In chemistry reactions are written in a specific format, A+B+C+…→R+S+T+… The left-hand side matters are called reactants and right-hand side ones are products. Reactants react to give the products, which is the general idea.

For example, 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O or,HCl + NaOH → NaCl + H2OThen again, balancing a reaction is also an important factor. It makes sure that total number of atoms of each element on both sides of the equation is the same.

E.g. one can write 2H2 + O2= 2H2Oand it is balanced. This balancing can sometimes become so tricky that students cannot figure out their chemistry assignment answers for days.They have to look for help after that, but few are lucky enough to find one.

These were only the preliminary parts. The more advanced and hugely challenging portions are dealt with in organic chemistry. It includes chemical analysis and reactions of complex molecules with carbon chains or rings.

There, things get really complicated and seem to go beyond simple logic. But of course there are logics, grasping which are very tough. Only the best shave been successful at it and have been able to write out all organic chemistry assignment answers perfectly.

Conversion is an integral part inorganic chemistry where your power of analysis and true concepts are tested rigorously. It is really tough for learners and they are suggested to get chemistry practice worksheets with answers first. Thus they can see and learn from their mistakes and get better.

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