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Defining the term ‘Inflation’

Inflation occurs when there is an increase in the value of money relative to value of goods or services. This finally leads to increase of price level of goods and services as well. In case there is an increase of price of any goods, the buying ability of human gets reduced over time. Inflation leads to decrease of purchasing power of money.

Inflation homework help will also make you aware that it is measured by Consumer Price Index and Product Price Index. Keynes has explained that inflation is usually referred to rise in price level once full employment level is achieved.

Types of inflation

Inflation can be of different types:

  • Creeping inflation: In this case the price rises at moderate rate over a long period of time. This is also known as moderate inflation.
  • Galloping inflation: While looking for inflation homework help, you will get to know that different economists have come up with varied views regarding the concept. Baumol and Blinder say, galloping inflation is a kind of inflation that allows proceeding at exceptionally high rate.
  • Hyper inflation: In case the price increases to more than a three digit rate per annum, then it is known as hyper inflation.

Reason why inflation occurs

The cause of inflation can be categorized under two important heads. Such as:

  • Demand pull inflation: It is a kind of inflation that would take place when demand for any product turns out to be high and is unable to meet up with the supply need.
  • Cost push inflation: It occurs in case the cost of any raw materials tends to increase. As soon as the cost of raw material increases, there is a chance in increase of cost of production. This finally leads to rise in product price.

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