Interesting Essay Topics for High School Students to Select From

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Essay writing in forms of assignments given out to the students are gradually the easiest ways to score fair grades. Essay writing is easy and simple while the students keep all the rules and regulations in mind. It is important to keep a clear mind and seek out the points before the whole essay is being drafted by you. According to Mark Twain.‘Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words’.

Essay topics for high school are far-fetched and can score a lot of information to write on. Selection of these essay topics for high school is important and the rightly selected topic and make the student write more. Proper sentence construction and grammatical errors should be avoided for deduction of scores.

How to right the proper essay with the right topic?

Here are some of the ways through which the students can write a proper essay with the selection of the right topic.

  • Preparing a proper outline of the whole project

Before writing a whole essay, the students must build a proper outline of the whole project. Organization of thoughts is important in order to write a good essay. By collecting all the ideas make sure you put them in the paper.

  • Draft a proper introduction and body

In essay writing, the introduction and the body make the most of it. It is important to keep the introductory part concise and the conclusion part neat and clean. The body must not be lengthy and repeat the same points over and over again. The readers may get bored if the contents of your essay writing are repeated.

  • Selecting the right essay topic

Essay topics for high school are easy to find and research on. With the right topic, students can get their essay well-presented and in a proper format. Also, the right essay topics for high school may help them to score better marks in their assessments.

  • Add a proper conclusion to the whole essay

The conclusion makes the whole essay worth reading. The finishing touches should be on the subject and define your whole essay in short. Try to make the conclusion short and sweet. Also, conduct the message you wanted to portrait with the help of your essay.

How to select the right essay topics for high school?

Selecting the right essay topics for high school can be difficult. Here are some of the ways through which the students can get their right topic which can yield them tons of information.

  • Make sure the topic you are selecting is on point. If a topic is selected which has no relevance to the current scenario of the whole environment then your essay might flop.
  • The right essay topic will be extremely helpful for the students. To make sure the students have the right topic, they can cross-check their information and facts.
  • Take a look at the syllabus and see whether the topic selected is focussing on it or not.
  • If nothing works then you can always ask your tutor’s help. With proper motivation and support, you will go for the best.

Interesting essay topics for high school students

Topics based essay topics on society

  • Is the teen today highly relevant to the activities of their peers?
  • Why do the teens today fall in love with celebrities?
  • Why the society does not care about single dads fighting their way in?
  • Is video game addiction becoming a major concern for the parents?
  • Is obesity a new way of declaring the ultimate death sentences for the students?
  • How face-to-face communication has been resolved through the use of media and online platforms?
  • Are parents being too strict with their kids when it comes to following religious norms?
  • Do the teen today being subject to substance abuse?
  • Is depression being a major factor the causes or the increase in suicide rates?

Topics based essay topics on education

  • The importance of smart class and how it is affecting the students.
  • The necessities of assessments and pre-final examinations in elementary schools.
  • The importance or the adversities of homework for students.
  • The effects and the use of technology in the modern development of education.
  • Are universities exerting pressure on the students by assigning them assignments?
  • The difference and the impacts of traditional education vs. online education.
  • Are the schools and colleges being extra harsh with the admission facilities?
  • Are the cut-offs being raised to make sure the students perform better every year?
  • The causes of over expectation for a child to perform for his/her merits.

Topics based essay topics on technology

  • Will the AI Technology rule us one day?
  • Is technology being bread and butter for our lives?
  • The harmful effects of cyber-bullying.
  • The rate of increase in suicide rates for the causes of online bullying.
  • The modern development of technology and how it has helped a lot of people.
  • Are women really safe with the use of technology these days?
  • How have the students improved with the growing technology by their side?
  • The improvement of technology in modern healthcare and systems around the world.
  • Robotics and the advantages it has bought.
  • Is technology stealing the adolescence of the students?
  • Is online dating a boon or a bane for the youngsters?
  • Are the youngsters these days pretending to be someone else in their online accounts?

Topics based essay topics on environment

  • Effect of Pollution in the environment and the causes behind it.
  • The effect of Global Warming and its adverse effects.
  • The effect of climate change and is the degree really rising every summer or not.
  • The effects of fracking the disasters it has bought along with it.
  • The effect of poor sanitation and waste management in popular cities and households.
  • How indispensable waste has become a disaster for the people?

If you want your essay to look good and stand out from the rest of the class then you should definitely keep all the pointers by your side while writing. A good essay will make you a learner and a proper enthusiast towards modern education.

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