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The college or high schools going students are often asked by teachers to present essays on relevant topics. You are asked to write these essays because; they test lots of skills of students. It lets teachers know how aware a student is about current events around the world. Your general; perception about the world around you, is also made quite clear, through views presented in your essay. There are quite a few interesting essay topics, to consider, if you are writing for the first time. You can find information about these topics on the internet.

Safety of Genetically modified food

The Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they are popularly called are those items which have an altered DNA, of course caused by interference of humans. This is made possible with help of genetic engineering. Certain characteristics of a crop are enhanced and certain ones are reduced on course of this process. The debate regarding safety of these food items has been going on for quite sometimes now. In your essay, you have to present proper arguments for or against your stand and also back them up with evidences. In this way you will have a complete essay.

The people supporting GMOs and making it one among interesting essay topics, have to say that studies have been going for hundreds of years to prove safety of GMOs. Studies have been conducted on plants as well as animals and then results have been evaluated. These food items have to pass different safety assessments conducted by big food safety bodies such as FDA. The WHO too has set certain standards for testing quality of GMOs. People against GMOs have to say that animals consuming these foods during research are known to suffer from damage. These people have to say that the GMOs cause allergic reaction in bodies of the consumer. Most of the major health organizations around the world support usage of these food items.

Animals are not to be used for making clothes or accessories

It doesn’t to matter whether your fur coat, or a trinket came from one of the farms or from a wild animal. You need to understand that this animal suffered extensively during the process and ultimately gave tis life so that you could have an accessory to show off. This is outright wrong, as animals in these farms lead a really painful and dinghy life. The people farming for furs, use the cheapest means of accommodation and food for these poor animals, making them suffer every day. Sometimes these animals are even skinned alive for the fur, this should form interesting essay topics for students.

Getting fur of animals in wild is not at all a pleasant process too and hence banning of furs constitute interesting essay topics. In wild, animals are generally tapped under unbearable circumstances. These animals might be caught in steel traps, which break their necks or make them bleed to death. If you really wish to get yourself covered in furs, then getting synthetically produced ones is the best option. If you are wearing the natural stuffs, then you need to realize that those came shooting, trapping of poor animals. The ceremonies requiring these stuffs also need to be banned.

How piracy has become a major threat?

The occurrences of online piracy, has grown to be a really big threat in sector of movies as well as music. Piracy can be defined as illegal reproduction of something which has a copyright attached to it. These things often include, TV programs, books, different recordings or even any invention. Literally billions of dollars in form of revenues are lost because of piracy. A big problem prevalent, is that majority of the population has accepted it as ethical in nature. Even software industries have got affected owing to this practice. All kinds of international businesses are keen on reduction of this piracy.

Among interesting essay topics, you will find that music industry is majorly affected by instances of piracy. There are lots of studies focused on online piracy. These studies comprehensively prove that piracy is a major malignancy. These are different causes for online piracy and they can be found in case studies. There are loads of free incentives attached with piracy, making people fall for them rather easily. There are even online stores providing with pirated and ripped products. All these things, has made life rather difficult for people to earn honest livelihood. Piracy not only needs to be contained, but stopped altogether.

Importance of sex education

It may become extremely uncomfortable for many people to discuss topics of sex to their children, however at some stage of their lives, this has to be done. The need of sex education, is extremely high especially in present times. It needs to be included in study curriculum of students if parents feel uncomfortable to speak up to their children. Education can never ruin the innocence of children and hence it is only fair to fulfill their curiosity. The discussion about sex seldom leads people to have it. Studies have shown that young people can only benefit from discussion regarding sex.

Under interesting essay topics, you can always write that research has shown that knowledge about sex education, actually delay sexual activities from taking place. The practice of safe sex, also increases when young adults have proper sex education. Proper education is always better than getting partial or even wrong information from internet and magazines. Relying on friends for getting tips about sex is even more wrong. It is similar to a situation where one blind man leads the other, both in utter darkness of ignorance. Therefore, sexual education needs to be mandatory in present times.


The best of essay topics will showcase you as a really aware and talented individual. Your choice of topics will instantly make you a favorite among teachers. You need to present your views carefully after selection of topics. Interesting essay topics are abounding in today’s time and a little research will aid you in going further.

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