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Internal Control: A briefing

Imagine your workforce isn’t working efficiently. Imagine, you are consistently failing to achieve your profitability targets. And imagine, there are definite discrepancies in your company’s financial record. Such hypotheticals are quite common for many business owners of today. Due to these problems, some ventures cease to exist; others tactfully handle the problem with effective solutions.

Now, how do the latter group handle this problem?

By having multiple layers of internal controls in different departments to identify the wrongs and keep the company on an ideal track.

Simplifying Internal Control

Internal Controls are methods of employing certain checks and measures on the regular back-end operations, of diverse departments, of an organization so as to keep it on track to reach its short and long-term goals.

To speak more specifically, internal controls are mechanized on different operational layers of a company to safeguard its assets, minimize errors, maximize productivity, meet operational targets, regulate management policies, and uphold the integrity of accounting information. Admittedly, the term ‘internal control’ is incredibly broad which, companies of different types and sizes, can flexibly develop and deploy according to their distinct needs and requirements.

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Types and Forms of Internal Controls

Again, due to its flexibility and broad interpretation, there could be many types and forms of internal controls, depending on cases to cases. However, when loosely taken, the term is classified into two types: detective and preventive. The former set of activities is what identifies a problem in operation of a company; the latter one provides a definite solution for the spiraling problem.

Now, how an organization detects and prevents problems in its operational-end depends on its own structure, strategy, resources, and growth plan, among other factors.

Common Internal Control Practice

The most common internal control practice is set up a special body of qualified professionals and experts to overlook the backend of the company so as to promptly detect and prevent any glitch. Of course, much costlier, this (super-effective) practice only holds high in the upper echelon of profitable companies. For small organizations, doing regular auditing and maintenance is a go-to.

Other practices include periodic reconciliations, employing an approval authority, and outsourcing experts (like IT security specialists).

Accounting Career Opportunities

Mentioned already, the term ‘internal control’ is very broad. And it’s even complex when looked in conjunction with accounting, which usually poses bookkeeping and legal challenges.

All being said though, internal controls have become a standard for all types of companies these days. In order to stay true to their goals and have a flourishing financial record, companies is actively looking for qualified professionals, and are even paying them much more than industry standard of many professionals.

If you want to learn more about Internal Control and explore this broad and ridiculously interesting topic, contact a good accounting institute and teacher. The right skill in this sub-niche can unlock many doors of opportunities in your career.

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