Is Homework the Right Way to Brighten Your Child’s Future?

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It is a question of debate that whether homework is the right way for a child’s bright future or not. It is evident that some people are in favor of it and some are against it. But what is most important to see that if homework is given in a set limit and has practical usage then it can be very beneficial. It will act like a learning tool which strengthens the academic base. Students generally feel the pressure when homework is given in excess and they find themselves unable to cope with its burden.

So parents should understand that there are both positive as well as negative sides to homework. Excessive homework can be damaging. If homework is given in limits and it helps in learning the things with a practical approach then it can be very useful for a child’s future. Homework has both pros and cons which can be analyzed as follows-

Pros of doing homework

  • Expansion of knowledge base

Homework will expand the overall knowledge and children will get to learn many new things which they have not explored earlier. A teacher can only give limited time in school but with homework students can diversify their knowledge and understanding. If they are done on regular basis students will easily understand the concepts of the chapters and ready to take any kind of task in present and in future.

  • One gets to practice

One gets the chance of practicing what is learnt in class through homework. It will be helpful in retaining the things otherwise students will forget what was taught in class. “Practice makes a man perfect” this is the right saying as students will become perfect in entire subject if they will practice more.

  • Doubts can be overcome

Without homework students won’t be able to overcome their doubts. It helps in identifying the weak and strong areas and gives them a chance to overcome their limitations by practicing. By doing regular homework they will come across with problems and doubts. They can easily solve them by taking the help from experts and parent.

  • It helps in preparing for exams in advance

With regular homework students will be able to prepare for the exams in a better way because they will get to practice on daily basis. Apart from that they will become expert in every subject which will help them to crack the exam with good grades.

As home work is useful for students but sometimes it becomes very boring and you will come across with side effects

  • It can become a monotonous task

Daily homework can be really monotonous for students and they may become really tired doing tons of it. Apart from that students are not getting enough time to concentrate on those subjects in which they are weaker.

  • Children don’t get time for other activities

If the homework is in excess then children don’t get time for activities like socializing with friends and family, playing games, going out, doing other creative stuff. It can hamper their developmental process if they don’t get enough time for themselves.

  • It can adversely affect health if homework is in excess

Loads of homework can create health issues like back pain, mood swings, lack of sleep, anxiety and tension, poor posture, difficulty in concentration, irritated behavior, stress on eyes, headache etc.

  • It can suppress the creative side of children

Students need to explore their creative side and sometimes homework is unable to meet those needs.

How homework can be made more interesting and an immensely useful activity?

  • It should be in limits and should involve some practical activity which has relevance with the subject.
  • Students should be given some sort of creative activity which solves the purpose of learning also.
  • Teachers should make sure that students are able to learn maximum in the school timings itself so that very less homework is required to be given.
  • By doing the homework with friends children will feel excited to do their work on time. They can clear each other’s doubts and it will generate a competitive spirit to finish the work faster.
  • Parents can see what problems children are facing and guide them in the subjects in which they are weak. If required professional help should be arranged for clearing the doubts like a tutor or online classes which can help a lot.
  • Many new educational games are there in the market and children can really learn a lot through them and have a lot of fun. With these games students can also find the solutions for their doubts which they face while doing homework.

Apart from that if students are facing problem in doing homework then they can take the help of online experts who will be helping the students from anytime and anywhere. They will draw simple and easy solutions for them so that they can easily understand the chapter’s concept in the better way. Services provided by them are best and affordable in nature that can easily be taken by any class of students.

Homework can really help in brightening a child’s future if it is in adequate limit and helps in providing practical knowledge. Through homework students can have a firm grip on all the concepts and they won’t find any difficulty while appearing for exams. But if homework is in excess then it is surely not a good thing. It needs to be in such a limit so that students are able to get sufficient time for other activities as well.

If all the above steps are followed in the best way, students will not only able to solve the subject paper but also the paper of English which is also important subject in your academies.

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