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School is not a cake walk for many students. A lot of persons have a very bad school life and several even develop the school phobia as a result of it. Many parents often find their child withdrawing from their school and this is the time that they should be worried. Identifying a reason for this withdrawal is very important to help students out. Are you worried about your child? Well, many parents often wonder why their children are acting different, the reason is school phobia.

Causes of school phobia

Most parents are probably wondering what is school phobia and how is it caused? School is supposed to be the best years of the life of a pupil but due to several internal and external pressures many children develop a fear out of it. This irrational fear towards their institution of learning is called a phobia.

This is not a problem that your child has developed. There are many valid causes of the occurrence of such a fear towards school. The various reasons which can be jotted down explaining the causes of the phobia are as follows:

  1. Anxiety of separation from family can cause this problem in young children. However with time and regular visits to school and interaction with other children this dissipates.
  2. Performance anxiety is a major why many children face issues of withdrawal. At times the society or parents can put so much pressure on the child that they want to quit and stay home. If as a part you know the best studding methods to score excellently it could help your child.
  3. General anxiety could be the problem of certain specific children. These persons become easily anxious and need special help like online professional websites to stay focused on school work.
  4. Feeling of difference in many children is prominent. These kids feel like they do not fit into the system. Hence they wish to stay away from their centers of education, rather than mix with different people.
  5. Physical differences in the child, like a disability or a visual difference. Children undergo puberty at different times or at times some kids are differently able. These differences could make these persons feel withdrawn.
  6. Problems with other fellow classmates could lead to feelings of disinterest for the child. Unless the child feels safe or is in a healthy environment there can never be happiness.

Solutions to school phobia

When you are looking for viable solutions to provide assistance or guidance to your child, it is important that you understand that it is not possible to undergo massive improvement overnight. The process of relieving anxiety is long drawn. But the major solutions to the problem are stated below:

  • Ask questions

When you suspect that your child is facing problems of phobia or irrational fears as a parent it is your duty to first ask questions. You will never know the extent of the problem or what the child is going through if you do not ask. At first the child might be unwilling to share but the problems need to be coaxed out of them.

Unless the problems are out there in the open there can be no solution provided. Education is imperative for a child and if there are any significant issues then they have to be nipped at the bud.

  • Relieve the pressure

Are you a parent who forces their child to take up things they do not want to pursue? Or are you a parent who imposes their own wishes on to a young mind? If you are one of those parents who pressure their child it could be the reason they are developing the phobia.

Parents make mistakes but they need to rectify the errors made in the past. Talk to your child to build a holistic and safe environment for them. Without their help there can be no improvement. The child needs to feel safe again, once that is achieved fears will disappear.

  • Talk to peers or teachers

When you are not making any headway with your child then it is time to take another step forward. Reach out to friends and teachers of the child to see if they can help you understand why your child is not being able to cope with their school life.

There might be some disturbances in class or within a peer group which could affect these young minds. A teacher putting down the child could also shake up their mind and make them want to skip school.

  • Get help

It is very important to make your child take help from certain online professional help websites that can help them cope with their education. At times inability to perform as per expectations of the self or parents or society could lead the child to be attracted to the concept of getting out. It is not wise to remove oneself from the environment of knowledge hence online help is a smart choice for those who are walking down the dark path of phobia.

  • Motivate the child

Interestingly motivation could take the child a long way into combating school phobia. Essentially phobias can cause the affected person to feel helpless and alone but if a ray of hope is injected into their souls there is a chance of saving the student.

Many parents try to motivate the child the wrong way. The best way to ensure that you are reaching out is to connect with the individual on a more personal level. Try to identify their interests and make them think positively about life, education and the future.

  • Change the environment

There might be cases where a particular student faces bullying, raging or is constantly put down. This is no reason to believe that the whole educational system is flawed. If the pupil is receiving a negative vibe from one place it is only wise to seek help elsewhere.

Changing the environment in which the child was undergoing feelings of phobia could lead them to feel disoriented or lost. Removing the bad stimuli is the solution for such cases. Online help websites are always there to provide that extra help to those who need it.

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