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Acquire a Complete Knowledge about Education in Italy

In Italy, education for children between the ages of six to sixteen is mandatory. There are mainly five stages into which education is divided in Italy. These stages comprise of — kindergarten, the school for the primary education, school for the lower secondary education, school for upper secondary education and the university. Education is provided to all children in Italy for free irrespective of the nationality of the child. The child only has to be a resident of Italy and he has the right to study. Do you want to have a detailed knowledge about the system of education in Italy? Check out our Italy homework help services.

Primary system of education in Italy

After three years of nursery education which is not mandatory, a child can go for his primary education that continues for about a period of five years. The schools attended can either be a school that is funded by the state or one that is of private structure. Different subjects like history, geography, science, mathematics, English, Italian, visual and musical arts etc. Our Italy assignment help portal is the best place to get the details about primary education of Italy.

Secondary system of education in Italy

The time period for secondary system of education in Italy is eight years. This part of education is divided into two main stages. First is the middle school education and the second is the high school education. The time period for the first stage is for a period of three years which is given between the ages of eleven to fourteen years.  The second stage lasts for five years and is provided between the ages of fourteen to nineteen years. More about this part of education can be learnt by visiting our homework help Italy services.

Higher system of education in Italy

There is a huge network of universities affiliated by state and public governments. The major universities for tertiary education in Italy are affiliated by state government and the Ministry of education of Italy supervises them. The universities of Italy are the oldest in the world. If you require knowledge about the higher system of education in Italy, then you simply have to check out our assignment help Italy link.

Issues faced by students while attaining education

There are several issues that students face when they leave their hometown to study for their higher education. The biggest problem is when students have to stay away from their parents. This is the major reason that gives rise to many other issues. The best answer to these issues can be found at our assignment help Italy services. A few such issues have been discussed here.

Lack of motivation

When students stay away from their family, it as it is makes them feel lonely. At times of success or failure, there is nobody who is there by their side to guide them. So, they often suffer due to lack of motivation. Our Italy assignment help portals like can be a boon to this because the faculties present with us are available throughout the day and they are ready to encourage the students so that they do well.

Forgetting to keep track of what has been completed

Due to lack of proper guidance, students generally forget to keep tracking their performance. As a result, they tend to forget the part of the syllabus that they have completed. When taking assistance from our Italy assignment help links, students are guided to make time tables and note down whatever they are covering.

Students get worried seeing the vastness of the syllabus

At the beginning of the session, students get the syllabus which makes them get worried because there is a lot to learn and they often get confused about how to start. Our Italy homework help can prove to be of much help at such times. Faculties present with us guide a student from beginning till the end. They teach them how to break their syllabus up for the ease of learning.

Less time for completing the syllabus towards the end

Students often get influenced by the freedom they get when they come out of their home to study in some other city. This results in delay in starting their learning process. So, towards the end of the term, they find it really difficult to finish the syllabus. When students take our homework help Italy services, they are advised to start learning from the beginning of the session which is the key to success.

Lack of proper planning

In a student’s life, which is attaining higher education, both social and academic life is equally important. But it is very important to plan both the things in a way so that none is neglected. This is something that is usually lacking. A student fails to plan. If you visit our Italy assignment help link, our faculties will teach you how to plan your study.

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