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Are you planning for a Ph.D.? Is the M.sc dissertation project stressing you out? Trust me I totally understand you. I have been through the same pain when I had to storm my brain and juggle with various research proposal topics to select one before applying for my M.sc dissertation. I am here to help you out as much as I can so that you don’t have to crib much, fella!

Tickle your brain

Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. and believe me writing a proposal, before your registration, really drains you out unless you know the correct strategy. Obviously, you got to do the hard work, think about great research proposal topics and study. But a little help will make your work easier, isn’t it? So, here I am peeps.

A glimpse at the basics

Research proposals consist of a concise document of the research you want to do for a particular dissertation or project. It does require some details including the methodology, the question you want to address and the research proposal topics you want to investigate in that subject.

 Top-notch strategy!

Unless you have a bang on strategy, you can never finish your proposal on time. So, let me take you straight to the research proposal outline I followed for writing mine.

  • Frame a very catchy title: You must identify the potential research proposal topics which attracts the reader and interests them in your proposal. It should be short, self-explanatory and should give an idea about the area of your research.
  • Abstract: The abstract should not be boring. You must have heard “first impression is the last impression”! Whenever you write a research proposal, everybody first jumps to the abstract because that provides with the summary of your entire project. The abstract must have the purpose of investigation and why is it important.
  • Literature review: It’s the most important part of your research. Your proposal must be 100% original.
  • Introduction: It must contain the background of the research proposal topics, which means how far has it already been explored by the scientists, what are the established facts? It should briefly discuss the hypothesis which you will be investigating.
  • Objectives of the project: Keep it straight forward and to the point. Target the key area of your problem.
  • Methodology: This is a very crucial part of your work. It proves your level of intellect and planning to solve and address one particular problem. Investors will judge your capability based on this strategy because it’s your honest effort and thinking put together at one place.
  • Conclusion: You already know what you have to do here but let me just remind you please do not start with any new issue here. Just wrap-up your research proposal format.
  • Time to finish the project: Mention the time required to finish your entire dissertation or thesis. It could be months or years depending on your project.
  • Budget
  • References: Jot down a list of research papers from where you have taken ideas about your research proposal topics and help to write your own research proposal. But, do not use too many citations.

Well, that is all about the format. Try to follow this religiously and I assure you won’t be disappointed. This strategy is cent per cent tried and tested by my friends as well as my siblings. Trust me when I say I am a pro at this now!

Do not forget ethics

If your research involves any kind of animal experiments, you must clearly mention how you will collect your data. Please abide by the ethical guidelines. A lot of people had to lose their projects in the past due to the violation of those guidelines. So, I am giving you a statutory warning!

Some of the finest research topics

Well, there are a countless number of research proposal topics to choose from. I will just mention a few of the best ones from each of the various subjects.

  1. Business: mining, oil companies, wage gap, wages, cheap labor.
  2. Political science: Fascism and Nazism, politics and its influence, Jeremy Corbyn (the socialist), Straussians, postmodernism.
  3. History: evolution of Buddhism, the impact of French Revolution, fate of Native Americans.
  4. English literature: female masculinities in old English literature, analysis of Poe’s style in “The Raven”, the tragic love in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the character of Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion. In case of this particular subject you can select one specific character from any novel for your research proposal topics.
  5. Government policy: Airport security, arming pilots, al-Qaida, Immigration, internet regulation, smoking bans.
  6. Health: Food steroids-antibiotics-sprays, should there be a minimum weight limit for models? Noise pollution, Lead poisoning, should steroids be legalized?
  7. Legal issues: Denial of holocaust, what to do with juvenile offenders, legalizing of ale of human organs, gender-based laws.
  8. Social issues: drinking age for alcohol, child soldiers, feminism, gay marriage, animal rights.
  9. Science: alchemy in relation to physics, synaptic transmitters, developmental biology of a zebrafish embryo, overpopulation, carbon credits, gene mapping, status of ozone.
  10. Research proposal topics in education: Censorship, college athletics, exams, flag, grades, school uniforms, and many others.

Now that you are pretty thorough about how and what to write in your research proposal, I will mention an important checklist you must pursue before submitting your proposal.

Checklist alert!

  • First and foremost select a very interesting research proposal topic.
  • Please do not copy and paste from any reference paper, the work must be plagiarism-free!
  • Use short and concise sentences; write in small paragraphs.
  • Make data tables to summarize you results.
  • Use more and figures and images to keep your project interesting.
  • Always submit your research plan with a cover letter.

Avail the online services for that extra kick

Well, in this era of the internet we all get some extra help from Google God! To make our lives simpler, there are too many services available over the internet like Studybay where you can hire writers to help you with your research proposal topics. But, I personally don’t really like it. Instead what I opt for are free research proposal samples so that I can read through them and get an exact idea of what I want to write I mine.

So, do not waste even a minute because as they say every minute counts and writing an entire research plan is too lengthy a process. Just go get started, my lovelies!

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