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In case of measuring Central Tendency, Kurtosis plays a vital role which allows in understanding distribution properly. There is a possibility that any two kind of distribution may come up with same Means or Standard Deviation. Kurtosis assignment help will give you knowledge on the actual definition. Any kind of normal curve can easily be skewed negatively or positively while losing symmetric property.

  • In case of normal curve it is neither flat nor peak and it is rather intermediate and such curve is known as Mesokurtic
  • In regard to such curve, any other curve come up with great formation of inverted U shape as a peak that it is known as Leptokurtic
  • Kurtosis assignment help will give you knowledge on curve that comes with flatter option than a normal one and it is referred as Platykurtic

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There are series that are plotted on graph paper and it can easily produce any three types of curves:

  • Asymmetric curve appears to be more flat compared to a normal one
  • Symmetric or normal curve is neither flat nor more peaked
  • Asymmetric curve also known as more peaked than any normal one

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