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The worst months counted for a student who reads in 11th Standard. At that time students have to appear for so many exams apart from the main school exams. One of most preferred exam a student wants to give is GCSE exams.  Revision time is very limited as the date of exam might clash with the main exams. Both are important for the career of a student to get it clear.

Concept of GCSE

The full meaning of GCSE is the General Certificate of Secondary Education which is the most popular form of Exam in UK. If you clear the exam with grades, it will help in boosting the CV ratings of a particular student and makes them moved towards more successful employer in future. Everyone follow the tips so as to achieve the goals.

  • Revise when you have time to revise:

One should keep in mind at the time of doing revision that grades of GCSE will help you to shape your career.For that you must create revision time table. If you build a revision time table and add a structure then it will be highly beneficial for you. It is a way to get better grades in GCSE.

The best way to make time table is by making use of the Exam time calendar tools which can easily accessible at any time.

  • One must have to take regular study breaks:

If you are feeling stressed and tired so there is no need stretch yourself in doing the revision. If you prefer regular study breaks during studies and a part from that doing physical exercises on daily basis then will help oxygen reaching directly to the brain and in improving the exam results.

  • Connect ideas by making use of the mind maps

If you find any kind of difficulty in memorising the notes then at that time mind maps will help in connecting to the mind. The motive behind the mind map is that making associations with the help of ideas. It offers many benefits to the advantages.

  • Understand the learning style

Everyone is having his/her own way of doing studies and learning. It is all about to understand whether it is writing, reading, auditory, and visual as are quirement of study. Recalling and remembering will become an easier task for a student.

  • Always do practice

One of the greatest ways of increasing the grades of GCSE is to practise as much as you can do. Practise online test related to GCSE and solving past year exam papers. By practising, one must able to understand the question style, format and improve the overall confidence and knowledge level of a student.

  • Work with your classmates

If you thing that your course is vast then it is advisable to divide the syllabus among your friends and do your studies by sharing. It will help in reducing the workload of a student and make a student learn more in less time. By making use of the group feature and hosting discussions with friends also help in getter higher GCSC grades.

  • Variety will always add spice

Always mix up the study habits and methods by watching videos, documentaries and podcast. It is a new way of doing a revision of GCSC exams. It is a kind of moving towards the new study area. One should always try new ways of doing revisions of GCSC exams such one can also use different colors to make notes presentation. Brain with the help of all these can easily able to recall a topic which helps you in remembering more information.

  • Never use same methods for every subject

Student always different study method for every subject such flash cards could be best for French, German or Spanish. Online quiz can be used for studying Maths or for English. It never makes your mind feel stressed and makes you learn more in less time. For all it is must to understand the subject first so that you can approach accordingly.

  • Must have full knowledge about the material inside and out

If you want to achieve goal in a successful manner, then one must know about what actually the subject is about and the material that you have to study, only then it is possible to decide the way in which you want to study or do revision. You can also take the help of your teachers as some of the common one is WJEC, Edexcel, AQA or OCR.

One should not only read a particular revision book rather just only reading as by if you only prefer to read then whole information can’t remain stick into your mind.

  • Prioritisation should always be done on various topics

One can make use of an index cards by writing question on one side and their answer on other side.

  • Consider your teachers as your friends

Student should always make friend as teachers who are studying for GSCE as exam time is coming so the need of guidance of teachers felt more.

  • Figure out the books you require for doing revision

Choosing right revision books will prove extremely helpful and helps in providing necessary information. No need to spend wisely on the revision books. At the time of books also buy books which are related to exam board.

  • One must understand the grading system of GSCE exams

When you reach at the 11th standard, one must have full knowledge about the grading system so it gives a full guidance and information that how to appear which questions. It helps in getting the skim reading of the grades specification.

  • Being motivated while doing revision

One should always mention the goal grade for every subject with an aim of getting top marks. It is better to keep your higher goals. One should be confident, calm and positive about the exams.

So need to worry, just follow the tips and achieve your goals that are getting higher grades by doing proper revision of GSCE exams.

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